She's all that.

16 year old, Emily and Louise are two ordinary girls who live together in an apartment in London, England. They've been best friends since ever.

First day of school, today Louise would come back from her holiday in America,
unfortunately Emily couldn't come with her because of family problems.
What happens when Louise tells Emily about the concert she's been to, back in America.
And what happens when a tanned, black-haired boy texts Louise to go on a date with her.

A bright future is waiting for them, untill........ Read to find out. ;)


4. A wonderful date.

Louise's POV:


Zayn and I were on our way to a Italian restaurant where our date would be at.

I was in the passengers seat while Zayn drove.

There was a long awkward silence, and I was trying to think of something to say so I just said;


''What is it like to be in a band?''

Wauuwww way to go Louise, I thought to myself, was that the only question I could think of?

I really want to facepalm myself right now, but that would make it even more awkward.


Zayn smiled at me. ''You know, it's great to be in a band, visiting new countries with four of my best mates, I'm living a dream right now. But it's also nice to just be at home and just live a life of a normal teenage boy.

I love the attention I get and all the clothes I get for free, but I miss having a girl to talk to who likes me for me, not Zayn Malik from One direction.''


I listened to Zayn intently, I totally understand how hard his life can be sometimes, and I really want to be the girl he can talk to and likes him for him, I know I can be that girl.

But I didn't tell Zayn ofcourse, that would be emberrassing.


''I totally understand.'' I said to him and smiled.

Zayn gave me a warm smile back and pulled up the car.

''Were here!'' he said excitedly and got out of the car and opened my door so I could get out.

''Thanks'' I said.

''You're welcome ma'am'' Zayn said, with a grin, which caused me to laugh.


We got in the Italian restaurant and there was a cute little table for two set up with candles and roses.

''O my gosh, Zayn, this is absolutely gorgeous.'' I told him.

''Everything for you, love.'' He said smiling while pulling my chair out, so I could sit down.

''Thanks, Zayn.'' I said. ''You're such a gentlemen.''

I heard him laugh behind me slightly. ''Thanks.'' he said shyly as he sat down on the chair opposite me.

After we ordered our food, and the young waitress was done flirting with Zayn, we started talking.

We had a lovely conversation about his and my family and he wanted to know all about me. I felt wanted, I felt like he really was interested in me and it gave me a warm feeling inside.

It gave me an even better feeling when the waitress was trying to flirt with him again and he just ignored her and kept listening to me, talking about my life.


He was such a great guy and even if this won't lead to a second date, I still had a wonderfull date and a wonderful time.



A/N: Helloooo guys, soooo I decided to update again, since it's been such a long time ago.

Hope you like it and I will update very soon, Please like and favorite my story and let me know what you think. :)

byeeee xx


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