Let her go

Jasper Ellen is new in town, she is living with her cousin Mary for a few months while her parents are away.
Jasper will encounter many different people, some she just can't get away from...


1. Welcome

Entering Holmes Chapel I noticed the small shops, green parks and quiet streets. This place is way different then what I expected, of what Mary had told me on the phone I imagined busy streets, tall buildings. Well to Mary this might be busy, but to a city girl like me, It's paradise.

"Just here, Thanks" The taxi parked on the side walk, I paid my fair, grabbed my bags and headed for my new house for the next 3 months.

"Jasper!", I heard a familiar voice call from the distance, closer and closer they came, "Mary!" I called back, as soon has I saw her red curly hair I knew it was her. As she got near I ran and gave her a big hug, I couldn't help but to be excited to finally see my cousin after 4 years of her being in Australia.

When we reached the house I saw Auntie Jackie and Uncle Mick waiting for me, "At last the little, or should I say big terror is here!", exclaimed my uncle. Jackie and Mick both pulled me in for a hug, I noticed behind them, leaning on the door way was Matt, my 'other' cousin. Matt and I never really seemed to get along, I think because when I was 7 I was staying the week here and Matt and I had gotten into a little fight, so that night whilst I was sleeping he shaved parts of my hair off.

"Well, Well isn't my favourite cousin of all, Jassie" I hated that name and he knew it. "Aw, nice to see you too, Mattieeeee" He gave me a glare before changing his glance  to someone behind me, "Hey, Harry!" I turned around to see a gorgeous, brown curly haired boy, "Tell your mum I said Hi, aye" I heard Matt give a little chuckle before walking inside. I turned to face the boy to see him staring at me, those green eyes made me feel hipmitized, then he just walked off.

I leaned over to Mary and asked, "Why'd Matt say that? Are they friends?", Mary pulled me aside, "No, that's Harry, his parents died last year, he used to be popular, all the girls wanted him. But now all he cares about is his younger sister."



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