Lost Twins

Harry and Christine were twins. They got separated from birth. Christine or her present name Rose, have a mission from the group to destroy Harry and his family, but before this she need to open the secret box....


2. Travel to London: business started

As I packed my stuff, I remember myself to undercover my self,.. That's simple, as I took a wig, and a sunglasses. I wore a normal shirt that it is so skinny, and a black pants. Iam done I thought..

 I opened the tv. You think the tv I have opens channels?! No, it connects me to the stupid boss. I touched my check again, it was fine.."boss iam leaving to London" 


"I have to complete my mission, of destroying Harry and his family, forgot?"

"ok a jet will come to pick you, now good luck, and sorry for lately"

before I could reply, the tv went off. He wasn't easy to say sorry, I thought. I catched a taxi, and we drove to to the own base of jets of ASAP. I entered to the jet, as I threw my bags everywhere, and went to the pilot seat. As I grabbed my headphones, I took control of the plane. I got tired, as I turned to mechinical driver. As I took a good bath. I was always thinking of my past, and how I ended to be here, but nothing, I mean nothing...

as I could here the plane will land down, I got ready for my cover as I went of the plane.this will be the start of my mission, mission of destroying a peaceful lives. I hate my missions...I took a cab, as I read Harry address....

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