Lost Twins

Harry and Christine were twins. They got separated from birth. Christine or her present name Rose, have a mission from the group to destroy Harry and his family, but before this she need to open the secret box....


1. Mission case: opened

Rose p.o.v:

 You think iam a normal girl, with a normal family. But now iam not, and beside of being in ASAP spy group, I have missions to kill, and kill, and kill people. I have been in my places in the world, and have killed so many of people, went in millions of missions, and being the most wanted spy ever. Iam might be the youngest, but the strongest.

  "Rose we need you here now" I turned and saw Jake, or the" boss". He was the created of this group and the one who gave us the missions. "Yes sir?" I walked toward him, and he gave me  my box?! " while searching in your room, I found this. From where and when was it here?" I looked to him and realised that I have no idea. The box was the size of my hand and I have no idea from where I get it, but I loved it.. A memory from my mom? I don't even know if I had one. I never saw my parents, never ever. I just remember seeing the boss and group of doctors around me. That was my first memory."I don't know" I said, looking down. He raised his arm, and slapped me right in my face. Everyone stopped working and looked at us. I could see Jennifer looking at me, with such a smirk.


"How dare you to bring toys to our centre! Don't you a mission!?, then rAther play with kids game?" As he threw the box, he turned his back and shout at the others to work. I grabbed the box..my mission?! Oh yeah, it's time to work. As I stood up and touched my check it terribly got hurt..need to get ready and be done..

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