The sisters secret garden- Bluebelle bliss

A series that will take you through the lives of four quirky, individual sisters: Prim, Belle, Holly and Daisy! Enjoy the first book in the series Bluebelle bliss! A summery story all about the water, dreams and not fitting in! Fall in love with Belles shy, insecure personality and tell me what you think!! Xxx


1. NO 1

                            Chapter one

I stand precariously on the end of the diving board and look down from the height. I remember the first time I stood on one. My sisters and I had all gone together but I had been the only one to give it a go! I was so frightened, but as soon as I was in the air plummeting down into the water which lay ready to catch me I knew this is what I wanted.

Now years later, I stand on the same diving board. I plummet down, streamlined and elegant; this is the closest feeling to flying. The water breaks as I enter the world which I belong in.

For just a moment everything is perfect, in the cool blue pool. Then I come back up, to the familiar buzz of the pool and overwhelming smell of chlorine. My coach, Rob, nods approvingly.

I’m training at the moment for the Junior Diving World Championships. I was ecstatic when Rob told me the news; this was the first step to the Olympics! I have dreamed for years of becoming a professional athlete, diving and getting payed for it. Representing my country.

I pull myself out of the pool and say goodbye to Rob.  I dry myself off in the empty changing rooms, pulling on teal coloured shorts and a gauzy white top. I slip on my battered two quid flip flops and a bunch of colourful homemade friendship bracelets. I stuff my towel and swimming costume into my deteriorating rucksack. Outside of the pool waiting for me is my vintage bike. It’s pastel blue with a soft brown leather seat and big wicker basket on the front. I dump my bag in the basket and cycle along the beach, home.

I live in a white washed cottage, only a five minute walk to the beach. My mums a gardener so as you can imagine our garden is beautiful. A trail of roses twist around the front door, daisies and sunflowers are dotted all over the place and wild strawberries grow in a corner of the pretty garden. I let myself into the front door where I am hit by the warm smell of baking. Mum is icing fairy cakes with pretty flower shapes.

The sound of an old folk tune can be heard as my youngest sister Daisy strums delicately on her old violin.

“How was training sweetheart?” Mum pulls me in for a warm hug that smells of cake.

“Great!” I say as the front door opens and my oldest sister walks in.

Primrose is… unusual looking, but incredibly beautiful at the same time. She has waist length tawny blond hair now with pink ends, and slanted eyes in a piercing grey colour. She wears blue jeans splattered with paint and a rolling stones t-shirt two sizes too big. On her feet is a pair of clumpy doc martins. My sister is quirky and creative.

Daisy stops her practice and comes to greet Primrose. Her face lights up with a contagious grin. Daisy runs into Prims arms, her dark curly hair bouncing around. Her dark chocolate brown eyes smiling warmly at me.

“Where have you been Rose?” Daisy asks in her sweet little girl voice.

“Down the beach, I needed ideas for my art exam.”

Prims voice is silvery. She produces a thick sketch book and shows us a load of beautiful water colour paintings of the sea.

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