Be mine

When BUBah finds out her boyfriend killed her first and only love she is heartbroken and is affecting her career her 5 best friends need to help get her back on track and they think love I the best way to do that so they set off and try to find her love . But what happens when Zayn Malik comes into the picture he doesn't want to let go of this amazing person he has found but BUBah doesn't want to love again and he struggles to get her to trust not only him but in love .
(course language is why It is rated Mature content)


3. Tanicha's p.o.v


“You. You are the one that killed Danny?” I said with so much anger in me that it wasn’t funny .

“Yes” he said playing with his fingers.

“Look at me” Taleha shouted.

He looked at her and the next thing was totally unexpected from Taleha.                                                                                  She punched him straight in the nose and he flew backwards. He landed on his ass and cupped his nose, there was blood pouring down his face and hands.

He looked up at us with a guilty smirk on his face. “Great punch babe” he said

We were all taken aback by his words and as he stood up Eden walked up to him and kicked him in the crotch. He winced in pain and knelt to the ground. Eden walked up to him and got up right in his face “ Don’t you ever under any circumstances in the name of god look, touch and talk to us ,especially BUBah ever again ok?” she said

“ill do what i like thanks babe” he said Eden then punched him in the face once again and she must of been raging in side because it was one hell of a punch and it knocked him out cold.

She got up and joined us. We turned around to see a big bunch of people gathered around us. We walked through the crowd and the separated for us and started clapping as we walked past

We didn’t see BUBah for the rest of the afternoon after numerous attempts to find her. We all walked home together and tried to call BUBah for like the 1000000 millionth time in the past hour. We all packed bags and food and money and met up at the nearby park and went over our plan once again and walked to BUBah’s which was about 2 minutes from the park. Our apartments were all about 5 minute walk from each others.

We knocked on the door and sure enough there was a distraught fragile crying BUBah.                               We all rushed in and indulged in a big group hug and sure enough she burst into tears again.                                                                                                                                                               A few moments later we all pulled apart and everybody sat down on BUBah’s white leather couch while i got up with Bre and put the kettle on to make everybody a hot chocolate. We all knew BUBah loved a good hot chocolate.                                                                                                                                                              Bre and i leant against the bench and she said “I hate that asshole for hurting our BUBah” I looked at my fingers and replied with nod.

“Are you ok Tesh?” Bre said a bit worried. Out of everyone i new BUBah the best and hated seeing my best friend a mess and I really knew she would need a lot of time to recuperate from this.

“yeah its just look at her she’s a mess and is going to need time to deal with all of this that that fucking bastard caused and with our job its just soo...” I wasn’t able to finish because i all of a sudden burst into tears.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Bre came over and rocked me in her arms.

“its ok sweetie, everything will be okay” She said to me.                                                                                                                                                                               

I really don’t know but i seriously hope she will be ok because that asshole is soooo gonna get it when I get back to school i'm gonna fucking ruin his fucking life and that is a fucking promise

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