Be mine

When BUBah finds out her boyfriend killed her first and only love she is heartbroken and is affecting her career her 5 best friends need to help get her back on track and they think love I the best way to do that so they set off and try to find her love . But what happens when Zayn Malik comes into the picture he doesn't want to let go of this amazing person he has found but BUBah doesn't want to love again and he struggles to get her to trust not only him but in love .
(course language is why It is rated Mature content)


2. Edens P.O.V



“we are having a girls night tonight my bitches” I said to my 5 best friends who were sitting beside me on the bench while we were having our lunch in the cafeteria.

They all agreed but then we noticed BUBah was missing. BUBah is like the leader of our popular group but she isn’t that like bitch that walks in front and we are all behind and bullies innocent people she is probably the most mature sensible motivator but has this crazy wild side to her like no one could believe only her true best friends have seen it and it aint pretty i can tell you that much.

BUBah’s real name is Sophie but only her family call her that and with our new job that the 6of us girls got she doesn’t see her family anymore and there is a lot of family issues she has dealt with that comes on top of the reason why she doesn’t want anything to do with her family anymore which is sad but she choose to have it like that and the best we can do is support her.

Sorry i forgot to introduce myself i am Eden co lead singer in the girl band: THE BEST OF THE BEST now you are probably like why that name well it has our names incorporated in it : Tanicha is the first T, BUBah is the first B, Odel is for the O, the next T is for Taleah  and the last B is for Bre. Now the rest is pretty explanatory the E from the last ‘best’ is me Eden .

We are all from  New Zealand but came to Bradford Because of our manager, Bertie told us if we wanted to boost our publicity, become international superstars  and become number 1 on the charts we had to make a move. So we moved here.


We got up from our seats after we realised BUBah wasn’t here and made our way into the school.              Just as we steped foot into the hall BUBah Came running past with allher makeup smudged and crying really bad. We deffenitly new something bad ha happend because BUBah never and i mean never crys even when she broke her foot and when her exboyfriend who she loved more than anyone died from a gunshot to the heart. BUBah NEVER crys.

As she passed us she didn’t look up we all tried to chase her and we were all shouting her name but we lost her in  the croud. We turnedaround to see her boyfriend Kane sanding there looking really guilty, we walked over to him .

“what happened?” Bre asked with a tint of anger in her voice.

“im sorry ,it didn’t mean to happen .I was drunk” he said looking at the ground never looking up at us.

“what the fuck did you do to her” i said pushing him a little bit, how dare he hurt her.

“ I killed Danny” he said “im so sorry” he added withjust a whisper

He killed him, he killed BUBah’s first ever boyfriend, her first kiss,her first time doing it and her first and only love. Kan shot Danny on the heart.

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