Be mine

When BUBah finds out her boyfriend killed her first and only love she is heartbroken and is affecting her career her 5 best friends need to help get her back on track and they think love I the best way to do that so they set off and try to find her love . But what happens when Zayn Malik comes into the picture he doesn't want to let go of this amazing person he has found but BUBah doesn't want to love again and he struggles to get her to trust not only him but in love .
(course language is why It is rated Mature content)


4. BUBah's P.O.V

I can’t fucking believe it that ass. I trusted him but im so stupid it didn’t even come into my mind that he could of been a suspect. Kane and Danny had been best friends like real close but when i came into the picture i could tell there was some tension and i tried everything i could to help Danny keep his best friend but it obviously didn’t and Kane killed my first ever and my only love because he was fucking jealous. That dick.

I guess i lost it when i heard that Kane had killed him. And i mean i don’t cry even when Danny died i just sat there not talking to anyone, but i still didn’t let a tear out of my eyes. When Kane told me i just lost it. All that came into my mind was that i will never be able to see Danny again, which is true but i just hadn’t realised it when he was in hospital i guess and all the happy memories of me and Danny just came flooding back to me and i hated Kane. I still hate that fucking bastard that killed Danny and i know now i cant trust love, i can never trust love again its a fucking pain in the ass and i hate it.

I went home and a few crying sessions later the girls were at my door, with flowers of course.

I let them in and we had a big group hug and sat down on my couch talking about things that i didn’t have much interest in and i kept zoning out. i was a mess , my heart ached, my head ached because of all the crying i had done and i just wanted to fucking die, that’s all i wanted, to die so i could be with the one i love. Danny.

Tesh and Bre came out with hot chocolate. At least that will in prove my mood a bit , Tesh makes the best hot chocolates ever. And i mean EVER without a doubt.

  I felt better after my hot chocolate, like i said and we were sitting on the couch watching the real house wives of New York or something when there was a knock at the door.

I got up to get it but Eden pushed me back down and got up and walked over to the door opening it and then we all heard a huge blood curt ling scream.

All of us girls quickly got up and ran to the door to see Eden and Danny standing at the door. Wait what Danny?????????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




ohhh BUBah found out who killed her only love and know she is looking at thee Danny thee Danny that got killed by her ex-boyfriend.

It isn't possible. or is it

Okay so a little cliff hanger you no you love me

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 I might do another update later on today because I am home from school sick:{




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