365 Reasons To Love You

Zayn Malik Fan fiction
story about girl and a guy
who write letters
to each other
forget the blurb read the story


3. How It All Started

Eva's POV

I'm a photographer just trying to find myself that's all you need to know about me.

My life changed when I bumped into him.

It all started when I was skate boarding taking pictures at the beach.

Then all of the sudden BAM!! I crash into a hobo.


Just kidding

I was skateboarding while looking at my pictures,I accidently bumped into him and fell of my skateboard and dropped my camera.

"oh! I'm so sorry I wasn't paying attention are you alright?" he said

I noticed his accent and knew he wasn't from here.

"oh that's alright I do it all the time and I'm fine" I replied while smiling

I picked up my camera and dusted myself off.

"would you like to go out for coffee since ya know this happened" he said while chuckling

"yeah sure I'd love to" I said while smiling



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