365 Reasons To Love You

Zayn Malik Fan fiction
story about girl and a guy
who write letters
to each other
forget the blurb read the story


4. Coffee

Zayn's POV

I decided to walk around the beach today because it was the only time I had free while we are on tour.

I was walking while looking down at my phone when I accidently bumped into a girl.

I said "oh! I'm sorry I wasn't paying attention are you alright?"

"oh that's alright I do it all the time and I'm fine" she replied smiling

She picked up her camera and dusted her self off I noticed how beautiful she was.

I'm not going to say it was love at first sight because I don't believe in it.

I think it's more like attraction at first sight.

"would you like to go out for coffee since ya know this happened" I said while chuckling

I was hoping she wouldn't think I was going to fast and say yes. 

"yeah sure I'd love to" she said while smiling

I smiled back and we were on our way to a small coffee shop around the corner Harry told me about.

Eva's POV

We walked in silence but it wasn't an awkward silence more like a silence to people who have known each other for a long time.

"we're here he" said while looking up at the sign

He opened the door for me like a gentleman.

I smiled at him and walked in.

I noticed there was a few people here which was better cause I don't like people I'm surprised I didn't cuss whatever his name is out.

Huh I still don't know his name I just noticed that.

"what do you want" I heard him say

"oh I would like a hot chocolate with whip cream" I replied

"okay he said

I was about to get my money out when I noticed he was handing me my drink.

"you paid?" I asked

"well yeah it's the least I can do" he said while sitting at a table

"your quite the gentleman aren't ya?" I asked  while taking a sip of my coffee and raising one eyebrow

"eh I try" he replied smiling

I smiled and rolled my eyes.

"so I never got your name what is it?" I asked

"oh my name is Zayn" he replied

"I like your name mine is Eva" I replied smiling

Zayn's POV

I really liked this girls personality she was cool.

"so Eva do you live here and how long?" I asked her

"well mister reporter guy I do live here one block away from this coffee shop and I have lived here my whole life" Eva said while laughing

I laughed with her and drank some my tea.

Cause ya know I'm just a regular british boy.

"where do you live?" she asked

"oh I live in London but I'm on tour right now" I replied

"on tour?" she said

"yeah you don't know who I am know?" I said

"no I don't so who are?" she asked

"well my name is Zayn Malik and I'm in a band called one direction" I replied

"ohh so your in that band my little cousin loves you guys!!" she said

"yeah I am in "that" band" I said while chucking

We talked more about our lives and who we are.

Then I got a call from Liam saying I had to head back to the hotel.

"hey I have to go but maybe we can switch numbers so we can see each other some other day" I said

"oh okay my number is-hold on" she said while digging through her bag

She got out a pen grabbed my arm and started writing her number on me.

When she grabbed my arm I am aware that this is corny but I felt a little shock run all over my body.

"there you go" she said while smiling at me and patting my arm

I laughed and smiled back at her.

We said our goodbyes well more like see you later and I was on my way.

I really like this girl but what about Perrie?

*Authors Note*

Ohhh what about Perrie?


Haha well anyway Hiya Chumps!!

What think about the book so far?

I updated today because I won't have time tomorrow.

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