Harry Styles Fanfiction-----Steph is nervous on her first day of college. She is leaving her wonderful boyfriend to fend for himself until they visit each other again. At WSU she meets Harry, a man with too many tattoos and piercings. But when they get to know each other they realize that they are completely different.


6. Chapter 6

Harry, to my surprise, pulls out my chair for me. I nod a thank you. 

"This is-nice." I choose my words carefully. 

"What is that face for?" He says comically. 

"Nothing, you look adorable." I stutter, surprised that I thought of something so quickly. When all else fails, compliment him. 

A blush creeps onto his face, alas, another surprise! I laugh at the state in which he has taken residence. 

"What are you getting?" He asks, changing the subject as quickly as humanly possible. 

"Um, I don't know. Nothing with ketchup." My eyes scan over the menu. 

"How about I order for us?" He suggests, taking my menu and putting it under his.

"May I help you?" The waitress asks. 

"Yes, two orders of pasta. Alfredo sauce instead of tomato, please." He says and hands her the menus. 

"I'll get it right for you!" 

"Thank you." I say quietly. 


His eyes study my face as I try my best to conceal any sign of anything except happiness. 

"Why are you so hard to read? Open up!" He complains. 

"Because I'm not an open book." I simply reply and get out a deck of cards.

"What are you doing?" He asks as I shuffle the cards.

"We're playing Two-Handed-Euchre."

He gives me a puzzled look. 

"Euchre." I restate. "I'll teach you." I say, getting awarded an adorable wink by Harry. I teach him the rules until the food arrives and then we stop to eat, then get the cards ready to play. 

"What is trump?" He says, his eyes peeking over the top of his cards.


"Ah, I like playing hearts." He says with a snicker. 

"What?" I don't know if he means the game or a girl's heart.

"The game, not a girl." He says, reading my mind. My mouth makes the shape of an 'o'. He takes my hand in his. "I would never play you." He says, making the Ace of hearts appear between our hands. I laugh. 

"How did you do that?"

"I can't tell! Magician's code." He says with a wink. 

"Ha, of course." I say and play with his fingers.

"Finish the game or go to my place?" He asks innocently.

"So innocent." I mumble, hoping he hears me. He nudges my foot under the table, so I assume he did hear it. Loud and clear.

"Well? Which one?" 

"I like this game, but I love your place more." I say as he stands and takes my hand in his, guiding me out of the restaurant and over to his car.

"It still shocks me how clean this car is." I comment as he drives.

"Why? You know me, I'm a clean guy."

I smile at the words 'you know me.' It makes me happy to think that I know him, even though I don't really know that much about him. But that's okay.

He turns off the car and unbuckles his seat belt. He runs around to my side and opens the door, taking my waist and helping me out. He closes the door and moves me back against the car, allowing his lips to meet mine. 

"Harry, we're outside!" I say, swatting him away from me. He chuckles and takes my hand. 

"Babe, it's so nice. Let's take a walk first?" He suggests, to my surprise yet again. 

"That sounds amazing."

"Like, I love kissing you, but it's so nice out."

"Harry." I put my finger on his lips. "I want to walk, don't make excuses." I say and kiss his lips before walking down the little path. 



"You're the first girl I've ever just talked to. Usually it's just a one night stand, you know?" 

"Yeah, I know. I'm glad that I'm the first to do this with you." I say as he takes my hand again and walks close to me, our legs brushing every once in a while. 

"Me too." He says and stops, twirling me into him before kissing me ever so gently. He makes it fast, yet slow, gentle, yet harsh. A chill runs through my body. 

"Cold?" He says.

"No, just happy." I say with a grin. We don't move, instead I allow his arms to wrap around me protectively as we stand on the path. Nobody interrupts us, nobody talks, the only sound to be heard is the occasional rustling of leaves on the trees above us. 

"I could stay like this forever." He says, breaking the silence.

"Let's." I whisper and kiss his jawbone.

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