Harry Styles Fanfiction-----Steph is nervous on her first day of college. She is leaving her wonderful boyfriend to fend for himself until they visit each other again. At WSU she meets Harry, a man with too many tattoos and piercings. But when they get to know each other they realize that they are completely different.


22. Chapter 21

Harry's POV:


Everything has been going right.  I have the love of my life sitting on my couch on her laptop, I have my happiness, and I finally have something to wake up excited to see.  

Steph's freshly dyed brown hair falls from behind her ear as she punches her fingers into the keyboard at a determined pace.  It is obvious that she is in another world, by the fact that she does not notice that her hair in all creeping towards her eyes. Her coffee lies next to her leg, swishes back and forth from the strong vibrations of the computer against her leg.  I swiftly grab the mug to avoid a spill that I am already dreading to clean.  

I hear a sigh escape from Steph's lips and I turn away from the sink to see her head pushed back onto the back of the couch.  Her eyes are closed and a frown pulls at her lips.  I walk over and place a gentle kiss on her lips, which turns her lips into a smile. 

"Hey, you." She whispers as she stretches for what I am sure is the first time she has moved from her last position since three hours ago.

"Hey." I whisper back as my hands make their way to her shoulders to release the tension in her body.

"Harry, I need to talk to you." She says seriously. 

"Can it wait for...fifteen minutes? I say as I kiss her neck, trying to seduce her. 

"Harry." She whines and swats my face away from her collarbone. 

"Okay, okay." I walk around to the front of the couch and sit beside her as she closes her eyes once more.

"I don't know how to tell you this, but please hear me out. Promise me?" 

"Of course, baby. Of course." I say reassuringly as I take her cold hand in mine.

"I'm- I'm moving to New York." She trails off at the end, whispering the last words. 

"What the hell? Why?" I try to contain myself, knowing that this is hard for her.

"My grandpa is sick, and I also got offered a job in a nursing program."

"Nursing? What happened to writing? You know- your passion?" I say louder than expected as I pull my hand from hers.  

"It's not like I planned it.  My grandpa is dying, for goodness sake. If nothing else, just that part is why I'm going to New York. I have to be with him." She sighs.  Her face goes in her hands as she tries to hide her now blotchy cheeks and teary eyes. 

"Steph." I sigh with her. My arm goes around her waist as I pull my crying girlfriend into my arms to comfort her. "Sh, baby. Please."

"I just want to be happy." She sniffles into my neck.

"Damn, that's all I want for you too." I laugh. "Steph, I'm going with y-"

"No." Steph interrupts me. "You can't go with me. I need to focus on Grandpa."

"Steph, did you not hear me? I-am going-with you." I force.


"Steph, don't start with me." I threaten. She gives up and pulls her legs up unto the couch as she curls up next to me. 



Steph gets up to go get a shower and clean up her make up as I sit on the couch playing a game on her laptop.  An email pops up, so I click on it. 

Miss Stephanie, 

Your grandfather is doing worse and requested that you come as soon as possible, if convenient.  I am not sure that he will make it for more that a week longer. Please reply with a date you will be arriving so that I may tell him.  


You have also been accepted as an intern here, so congratulations. I look forward to working with you. (As does Zayn, who also just was accepted as an intern! Still shipping you two ;))



That angry feeling returns to my gut as I slowly get up and head towards the bathroom.  I hear the sound of water as Steph sings a variety of Disney tunes.  I open the bathroom door and then knock when I'm inside. 


"Oh, goodness you scared me." She says, quite startled. "Get out of here!" She screeches. 

"You got an email from Tabitha." I say slowly. 

"Oh, what did she say?" She says before humming quietly.

"Your grandfather is worse and he wants you there quickly."

"Oh, okay. Could you go on my computer and purchase my plane ticket really quickly? My wallet is on the table."

As she speaks I work on taking off my clothing before hopping in the shower behind her. "Yeah, sure. Just let me get clean."

She turns around and yelps before covering herself. "Harry! Get out of here! Now!" Soap runs down along her neck from the shampoo in her hair. 

"I need to get clean and talk to you." I grab the shampoo bottle and pour out the contents. 

Steph stands there in awe that I have the nerve to hop in the shower with her without asking, from the look on her face. 

"So, you did not tell me that fuck face is going to be working with you." I snap.

Steph gives me a strange look. "What?"

"Zayn. You are fucking working with him."

"That's none of your concern."

"You are mine, not his, mine."

"Here's an idea. Let me live my damn life. I don't need your help." She snaps. She rinses the soap off of her body and gets out of the shower. I do the same and follow her as I wrap a towel around my hips. 

"Stephanie, get the fuck back here." I walk into the bedroom and see her throwing on a sweatshirt of mine and underwear. She puts her headphones in her ears and sits on the floor, her back against the wall. I watch her weak body as she leans forward and rests her head in her hands. She looks so frail. I drift to her and take the headphones out of her ears. 

"Why, why do you fuck with my head so much." I shake my head in frustration. 




Harry's hair drops water onto his forehead as he crouches in front of me. The towel around his waist is loosened from his movement. 

"I'm not."

"Don't lie." He shoots back.

"Zayn means nothing to me like you do. I am not after him for a relationship. I want to be friends. I did not know he was going to apply."

"Maybe I should just teach him some manners." Harry turns his head away.

"Harry, no. Please trust me."

"Oh, because you've done so much that is trustworthy?" 

I can tell that he is hurt that I am working with the one man he hates. He masks it with anger, but really he's just sad. 

"Harry, you are who I want to be with." I whisper, getting onto my knees and kissing him. His hands are already on my back, going up and down from my neck to the small of my back. He picks me up and places me on the bed before he tightens the towel and hovers over me. His breath fans my face as he looks at me for a little bit. 

"What?" I say to him.

"Do you trust me?" He asks simply.


"Then let me in." He says before kissing me. I give him my approval and pull down the towel as he deepens the kiss. His mouth curls up into a smile. "Finally." He groans and laughs.



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