Harry Styles Fanfiction-----Steph is nervous on her first day of college. She is leaving her wonderful boyfriend to fend for himself until they visit each other again. At WSU she meets Harry, a man with too many tattoos and piercings. But when they get to know each other they realize that they are completely different.


18. Chapter 18

Hey sexies!!!!


So....this chapter is going to be a little bit of a surprise, so surprise!

Stay perfect,

Masyn <3



It kind of makes me laugh when Harry is able to quote lines during the movie. I mean, come's a chick flick! You don't see me memorizing every line in Star Wars. Well....maybe that's not true.

"Remember...chew like a lady." Harry mimics the movie. I love this side of Harry. He's so young and carefree right now, I just love it.

I start to get up and Harry drags me back down to his level.

"Where are you going?" He whispers before planting a kiss on my lips.

"I'm getting a snack while you quote the movie word for word." I tease and attempt to get up again. "Harry." I whine as he doesn't allow me to get up.

"Baby." He fires back. My heart beats fast as his hand wraps around my hand, trying to make me stay.

"I'll be right back, Harry." I say and he finally lets me get up. I walk out to the kitchen just as the door bell rings. A figure stands behind the door and everything about him makes me uneasy. I quietly walk over to the door to get a glimpse of the person. The door bell rings again and I look through the peep hole just as the trigger of a gun is pulled and a bullet shoots through the door. I fall back onto the floor and terror runs through my body as I realize what just happened. The figure disappears almost instantly.

I hear foot steps as Harry runs out.

"Steph!" He shouts as he rushes over to me.

"I'm fine. I'm fine." I try to wrap my mind around this. What the heck? Why would a gun man be at my door?

"No, no, no." He says as he pulls me into his arms, still sitting on the floor.

"Harry, it's fine." I say again, trying to soothe him.

"No it's not. They came here because of me." His voice cracks. My heart breaks, as does my voice as I cry out in pain. My hand goes down to my thigh and I see where the bullet has lodged itself. Harry's hand also finds it, sadly, and he quickly picks me up and puts me on the counter in the kitchen. He runs to the bathroom, later returning with tweezers and a hand towel. He slowly removes it.

"Thank god it didn't go in too far." He says, though his eyes tell a different story. A story that is filled with guilt and worry.

"Its fine." Is all I can say as I watch blood pour out of my skin.

"No, stop saying that." He wraps my leg in a bandage that I brought from home and picks me up off of the counter.

"I'm so sorry, baby." He says and kisses me.

"I love you, Harry." I say as I kiss him back.

"I love you too." He says, burying his face in my neck as he sets me down on my bed and sits down next to me. "I love you too." He repeats as I drift to sleep.

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