Harry Styles Fanfiction-----Steph is nervous on her first day of college. She is leaving her wonderful boyfriend to fend for himself until they visit each other again. At WSU she meets Harry, a man with too many tattoos and piercings. But when they get to know each other they realize that they are completely different.


16. Chapter 16

Harry's POV


"Harry, what do you think?" Steph asks as she twirls in a mini dress that goes to mid thigh. I rub the back of my neck as I walk over to her and pull her into my arms. 

"I think you should get out of it before I get you out of it instead." I smirk and kiss her ear. I hear her gasp before she runs into the dressing room to change. 

I smirk as I turn around to see a woman covering her daughter's ears. Her poor little exposed ears. Is it bad that I don't feel bad? Really? Good, because I don't...


"Harry?" A hand waves in front of my face, bringing me back to reality. 

"B-Bridget." This isn't good. I look at the brunette with curly hair and chocolate brown eyes and stare at her. A smile appears on her face and she throws herself onto me. Literally. I stumble, but catch myself and quickly release her. She's still throwing herself on men, I see. 

"How about we catch up on my bed?" She giggles and picks up a skimpy little shirt. Oh hell no. 

"A-Actually..." I begin, but hear the sound of sniffling. Steph stands behind me, wiping her eyes. 

"Go to hell, Harry." She tells me and runs past me and out of the store. What is this about? I didn't do anything!

"Go fuck yourself, Bridget." I flip her off and leave the store. I don't dare turn around to see her expression, though I assume it's priceless. 


I search the crowd and finally find Steph as she walks into a huge store. 

"Steph!" I call out, already done with this game. She turns around, then picks up her pace to go into the store. I run in and see her as she turns a corner, hiding herself in a huge discount section. Great, just what I need. I quietly search around, looking like an idiot in the process. I finally pull out my phone and call hers. She must have it on ring. I hear her ringer go off, followed by a voice whispering, "Shit." 

I pull back a section of clothes to see Steph fumbling around, trying to silence her phone. I grab her arms and pull her to her feet. 

"Enough with the game. What the fuck is wrong with you?" I try to keep calm, failing miserably in the process. 

"I came out and you were hugging, well, attacking a random girl!" She wipes her eyes. 

"What the f-" 

"Sir, please be quiet. Stop making a scene before we ask security to silence you." A worker tells me. Perfect fuel. 

"Go fuck yourself." I say, past the point of exasperation. She gives me a disapproving look and puts her hand on her walky-talky. 

"Harry, calm down. Let's go before you get arrested." Steph tells me and walks out. Of course I follow her. 

"Steph, stop!" I say when we are walking out. 

"Then explain, Harry! Just explain!" She yells, matching my voice. She holds back her tears as much as she can. 

"I'm trying, but you won't shut up!" She shuts her mouth and crosses her arms. 

"Bridget, the girl who jumped in my arms,"

"And who you were enjoying having on you," She adds. 

"No, we used to fuck around, literally, and then I moved away. We were just catching up."

"How touching. Figuratively and literally!" Yeah, she's mad. 

"Look, I'm sorry you thought something was going on. Nothing was." I explain and begin to walk again. I hear her flip flops as she follows me.

"I miss your kisses." She mumbles. I turn around and take her face into my hands before leaning in and kissing her. 

"Better?" I ask. She smiles and puts her hands on mine before all of a sudden slapping me. 

"What the f-"

"You deserved it." She says swiftly before lightly kissing me and walking. I smile and take her hand, squeezing it before focusing on where I walk. 


End of chapter.



Hello, guys! Sorry for the slow update, I've been busy with school/ my boyfriend, and sadly, writing comes third this week :( I'm going to try to start updating once a week on this, and every other day on my Wattpad account, which you should also check out! My user is Stylesgirl2992, so feel free to follow me! I'm working on two books at the moment, both of which will not be put on Movellas until I have 5 VOTES and 10 COMMENTS on at least five chapter from both books. It might sound crazy, but it's not, it's actually very low for Wattpad. So please feel free to look me up on Wattpad (Stylesgirl2992,because Masyn wasn't a username I could have. But it's still me, Masyn!)The way it works, each chapter fans vote, so you don't vote once, you vote once PER chapter. And comment PER chapter. So check me out on it and make sure to follow me! Comment on THIS BOOK when you vote, comment (on Wattpad) and follow on Wattpad for a shoutout at the beginning of the NEXT CHAPTER. Thanks in advance, and thanks for actually reading all of this! 

Love you, sexies!


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