Harry Styles Fanfiction-----Steph is nervous on her first day of college. She is leaving her wonderful boyfriend to fend for himself until they visit each other again. At WSU she meets Harry, a man with too many tattoos and piercings. But when they get to know each other they realize that they are completely different.


15. Chapter 15

Steph's POV


I wake up completely happy. I'm still on top of Harry, him lightly snoring below me. I try not to move, instead I draw circles on his abs. Stupid me. He moves, pulling me under him instead. Well this is great. I should have gotten up. He nuzzles his face into my neck and drifts back to sleep. Okay, okay, he is adorable.

Around one hour later he finally wakes up. I pretend to be asleep as he kisses my cheek several times. I open my eyes and look into his.

"Morning, Love." He says in a moring voice. I smile and poke his dimples.

"Morning." I say as I laugh. He shakes his curls but doesn't move from his positon. I'm not complaining, I'm just saying.

"Ew, don't!" I squirm under him as he threatens to lick my hand.

He laughs and stands up, putting the blanket over the edge of the couch.


I have a confession: I'm not that into One Direction, I'm into Harry Styles.....THAT'S WHAT SHE SAID! I'M SORRY. IT HAD TO BE SAID. DON'T JUDGE ME, HYPOCRITES!


I look at my phone that shows three messages from two of my best friends, Lana and Olivia.

Group Message:

Olivia- Babe let's go shopping! Meet ya at your house?



Oh, by the way, Stella is what my friends all call me. It's my middle name. DON'T GET CONFUSED.

Olivia- IKR

I laugh and look up at Harry, who is jumping around trying to put his jeans on.

"Babe, could you drive me and some friends to the mall?"

"Absolutely not." He tells me, shaking his head as he buttons his pants.

I frown. "Why not?"

"Too many dicks trying to hook up with girls." He says simply and walks into the kitchen.

"Harry, I'm not stupid. I'm a big girl and I'll do what I want." I am stubborn, and so is Harry, which is the downside of this relationship. We both want to get what we want, but only one person is going to win this relationship.

"Steph, don't fight with me. You can't win." His words tip my anger over the edge.

"Whatever." I roll my eyes and walk into the bedroom, pulling on my black skinny jeans and white t-shirt. I grab my vans and head for the door.

"Where are you going?" He yells as I near the door.

"Mall." I say and reach for the door knob. Harry's masculine figure covers the door before I can blink.

"I said no."

"Move." I say through my teeth as I avoid his eye contact.

"Steph, I said no." He says slowly and dangerously. Anyone else would cower away in fear, but I don't fear him.

"I said move." I shoot back. We battle for power constantly. My phone rings and I look down in my hand. It's Olivia. Harry grabs my phone and answers the call.

"H-" Harry begins, but Olivia starts talking first. I smirk at his annoyed look and lean against the door. I want to see him get out of this mess.

"O-" He rolls his eyes and puts a fake gun to his brain. I smile, even though I'm still mad at him. He moves closer to me and kisses my nose as she talks. I giggle silently as he mumbles 'I love you.' into my ear. I blush at his words.

"OLIVIA." He finally shouts. He looks at me before he continues. "Steph and I will be there down in a minute." He sighs in defeat. I wrap my arms around him as he laughs and hangs up.

"You don't have to go." I whisper. His lips brush against my cheek.

"I wouldn't leave you at a mall." He laughs and takes my hand.

He volunteers to drive, thank goodness. The girls sit in the back and I sit with Harry in the front, but still talk to them. He turns on the radio, trying to drown out Lana's story about some dude's ass. The song is actually really good, obviously, as Harry starts to sing along.

"I've got some issues that nobody can see and all of these emotions are pouring out of me." He sings to me. I smile.

"Who is this?"

"Kid Cudi!" He says.

"I bring it them to the light for you, it's only right. This is the soundtrack to my life." I must admit, it's a great song. Olivia and Lana scoff at it, but Harry really gets into it. I watch his eyes as he leaves the universe and sings the song. It almost brings tears to my eyes to watch him get so into a song.


We arrive and Harry escapes from the apparently terrifying car.

"Never again." Harry stumbles onto the sidewalk still shocked.

"Oh come on. You had fun singing and stuff." I roll my eyes and walk by him.

The girls join us eventually and laugh at the state of the bewildered male.

"I'm positive they use that as a form of torture in some countries." Harry says, referring to the car ride and Olivia and Lana's conversation. I laugh and hug him.

"You're a trooper." I tease. "Glad you made it out in one piece."

"Eh, part of me is gone." He winks.

"Your balls?" I laugh and run away from Harry as he gives me a shocked face. The girls laugh as we run into the mall, Harry picking me up and tickling me before setting me down next to him.

"You are so..." He thinks. "Wonderful." He says before kissing me, his lip ring cold against my lips.

"Let's go, love birds." Lana waves us off and walks past and into a store. I smile and pull Harry into a different store: Hot Topic.

"Babe, not this place. Perverts are running all over it." Harry complains.

"Not true! You're just scared about me and them." I conclude, he knods.

"You're right. I just don't want someone touching you." He sighs and follows me into the store.


No offence to people who work at Hot Topic! They're cool, it's just a joke. ILY ALL. I love Hot Topic. BTW: the song Harry was singing to was "Soundtrack to my Life," by Kid Cudi. Look it up! Awesome song, but has some swearing if you're not comfortable with that, but you wouldn't read my stuff if you weren't fine with it, so....yeah. Amazing store and song. LIKE IT UP and COMMENT LIKE CRAZY! EVEN IF YOU ALREADY HAVE! I love reading your input on every single chapter. You could say like:

Chapter 15- I liked.....I didn't like.....So far I think.....etc...


I have a question:

Do you like Steph and Harry together? What don't you like? Anyone ship them? LEMME KNOW!


Love you all,


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