Harry Styles Fanfiction-----Steph is nervous on her first day of college. She is leaving her wonderful boyfriend to fend for himself until they visit each other again. At WSU she meets Harry, a man with too many tattoos and piercings. But when they get to know each other they realize that they are completely different.


13. Chapter 13

Sorry for the short update yesterday! This one will be short too. .:( Ilysm!






I pull my SUV into a parking spot and hop out. I turn around to see Steph about to open the door but I click the lock button so she can't get out. I hear her swear at me and call my name, but I ignore it.

"What is wrong with you?" He says as he struggles to break free.

"You kissed my girlfriend! That's what's wrong!" I shout, attracting a group of people.

"She isn't your girlfriend!" He shouts back. I let him go.

"Don't go near her again, Zayn. I mean it." I lower my voice and then walk back to the car after flipping him off.

I unlock the door and slam it shut after hopping in. I smirk as I watch Steph try to open a child-locked door. I knew she'd get mad, so I adjusted the door to a new setting. I think I'll keep it like that.

"Harry let me out of this car." She whispers. I can tell she is upset.

"Babe, I'm sorry." I say, starting the car as I do so. "That's not going to happen." I pull out of the spot and drive down the road.



Steph is silent the entire drive, obviously still mad at me.

"Steph, talk to me." I say.

"You-" She stops before continuing. "You called me your girlfriend." She whispers. That is what this is about?

"So.." I wait for her to explain.

"You haven't really told me that." She says. Oh, I get it.

"I'm sorry, Babe. I just-I was angry and-"

"I'm not mad about that, Harry! I'm upset that when I told you 'I love you' you lashed out, but you call me your girlfriend."

"You're right." I stop the car when we reach her dorm. "Get your clothes." I say before getting out of the car to open her door.

"Why?" She asks when I open hers.

"Because you're staying at my place tonight so we can talk about this, about us." I add at the end. She smiles before taking my hand as she exits the car. I lean down and kiss her before taking her hand and going up to her room.









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