She had been waiting for four years for him to notice her. But when he finally does... is it real? Or will he be her heartbreaker?


6. Chapter 6

As I walked over to the bench where I was supposed  to meet Justin I kept thinking to myself two things. 1st: Why does he want to talk to me? and 2nd: Why am I actually going to talk to him. When I walked through the school's backdoors I saw him sitting at a bench under a really big tree. I took a deep breath, walked over and sat across from him. "Sooo," I said awkwardly. Why am I here again? I asked myself or so I thought. "Umm I believe your here because I told you I wanted to talk to you inside and you wanted to go somewhere else." Justin said. "Ohh did I say that out loud I meant to keep it to myself. So what's up?" I asked wanting the bell to ring so I could go to my next class and get this day done with. "Well I just wanted to talk to you since every time I've tried to talk to you before you just ignore me or just move your head. I'm surprised you even came. I thought I was going to have to sit here by myself the whole break." he said looking at me. I turned away I could never handle looking into his eyes because it made me feel like he might be able to see the way I feel about him." Well you were wrong because here I am. And still wondering what I'm doing here because you still haven't told me." I said looking anywhere but at him. "How come every time I talk to you, you look away from me is there something wrong with my face or do you just not like me?" he said sounding a little hurt. "No of course not it's just, Its just- Never mind." I said looking down at my hands. I was not about to admit to him how I felt. "No tell me what is it?" he said grabbing one of my hands. At that moment I felt so many sparks that I felt my hand was going to fall off. "You don't want to know." I said letting him hold my hand just a little bit longer. "Yes I do." he said trying to look into my eyes, but I closed them. "Well its just that-"  

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