She had been waiting for four years for him to notice her. But when he finally does... is it real? Or will he be her heartbreaker?


4. Chapter 4

Justin's P.O.V

I walked into third and sat in my seat. I saw her walk in and sit down i kept looking at her thinking about how the hell I was going to do this. I could see she was looking at me through the corner of her eye and when she saw I was staring she started fidgeting in her seat. Then she raised her hand and asked if she could go to the restroom. Through the rest of class I thought of ways to talk to her. Finally I decided I was going to talk to her after class but when the bell rang she got up and left quickly. I walked into the cafeteria and got lunch and went to sit at my regular table. "Hey Justin! Sooo how did it go?" Ryan asked. "Hey guys! Not very well I didn't have a chance to talk to her." I said siting down. "Well did you even try?" Chaz asked. "Ummh...Well...I...Not really." I stutered. "See you didn't even try." Alfredo said. "I think you guys should choose someone else." I said. They laughed," I don't think so." Chaz said. "We are definetly winning this year." Ryan said. "Yup." Alfedo said popping the P. "No you guys aren't I will get her...I'll just talk to her next period." I said. "Dude your not gonna talk to her trust me." Ryan said. "Yeah I mean why is it so hard for you to talk to her. You can talk to everyone else with no problem." Alfredo said. "I know it's just that shes probably the first person that has ever ignored me and the first person to not like me or at least act like it." I said. "Well then I guess we are definatly winning." Chaz said. "Why don't you just pay up now?" Ryan said. At that moment the bell rang.  "I don't think so." I said getting up and throwing away my plate. I walked to my next class praying for just a little bit of luck. 


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