She had been waiting for four years for him to notice her. But when he finally does... is it real? Or will he be her heartbreaker?


3. Chapter 3

Justin's P.O.V

I woke up got ready for school and drove over to Ryan's house to pick him up. After we went  to pick up Chaz and Alfredo. "So Justin who's gonna be your victim this year?" Ryan asked. "What do you mean?" I asked confused. "You know what he means don't act dumb." Chaz said. Of course I totally knew what they we're talking about every year I always chose one lucky girl to play around with. We started this back when we were in middle school. It's a kinda like a bet and I never lose I always get what I want. "Oh that." I said. "So who's it gonna be?" Alfredo asked. They all looked at me waiting for an answer. "Sooo..." they all said in unison. "How about we change it up a bit this year and you guys get to choose the girl?" I asked. "Really?" Ryan asked. Then they all looked at each other suspiciously. "What are you guys thinking?" I asked. "We're thinking that we know just the girl." Chaz said and they all nodded. Oh boy what did I do? We arrived at school and walked in. Every one stared i really didn't mind all the attention I was used to it. I talked to almost everyone in school they all liked me and I liked them but I wouldn't truIst them with my life. "So are you guys going to tell me who you guys are choosing?" I asked a little scared i must admit. "No we're just going to wait and tell you after second period." Alfredo said. 1st and 2nd period went by pretty fast which I couldn't be happier about honestly I couldn't wait to know who the girl they picked was. I walked up to them and asked eagerly, "So who's the girl?" "Alright we'll tell you."Chaz said. Then they all looked at each other and said in unison, "Kaitlyn." I laughed, "Oh you guys are funny. i'm sure you don't mean Kaitlyn Marie right?" They laughed," Well of course we.......do." Ryan said. Oh this is going to be hard. "But she hates me." I said. "You don't know that for a fact." Chaz said. "But I've told you whats happened with her every time i try to talk to her she ignores or treats me bad." I said. "Which is whats gonna make it so much more fun." Alfredo said. I tried to be her friend once back when we were in seventh grade and she totally ignored me. Which is why I think she hates me but i've never treated her bad or givin her reason to. The bell rang at that moment so I had to go. "I'll see you guys at lunch." I said and walked away. "Good Luck." they yelled simultaneously. I'm pretty sure I'm gonna need it.

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