She had been waiting for four years for him to notice her. But when he finally does... is it real? Or will he be her heartbreaker?


2. Chapter 2

  1st and 2nd period went by suprisingly fast. I walked to our usual bench and sat down. "Hey Kaitlyn." Carrie said sitting down next to me. "Hey Carrie." "So where are Yessi and Candice?" "They're right there." I said pointing to the girls locker room door. "Oh hey Yessi! Hey Candice!" She said to them. "Hey you guys!" Candice said and Yessi just waved. "Hey!" I said. "So what did you guys do in chemistry class?" I asked Carrie. "Oh nothing you just have to take some notes." She told me. "Okay." After that the bell rang and I walked with Carrie to class. "Ugghh I don't want to go to third." I told her. "Sure you don't." She said. "I don't want to go." "But you love that class." "I LOVE it because it's health and we don't do anything but I hate it because I don't have anyone to talk to. Ever since Mari decided to trade me for that one new girl." "So just go sit with them." "I can't." I said. "Why not?" "Because there's only two desks per row." "Oh well then I don't know." "Alright well bye." I said. "Hey wait for me after class." "Okay." I felt super awkward during class because the whole period Justin kept staring at me like if he wanted to say something to me. So I asked the teacher if I could go to the restroom. When I got to the restroom I texted Carrie to come to the restroom. "What was urgent that you couldn't wait ten more minutes to tell me." Carrie said as soon as she walked into the restroom. "If you want I can wait to tell you later." I said opening the door to the restroom. "No I'm already  here you might as well tell me now." She said. "Not with that attitude." I said. "Kaitlyn if you don't tell me now I will seriously kill you." "Well I guess you were having so much fun in class sorry to have bothered you." "Kaitlyn!" "Shh keep it down they're going to hear you." "Just tell me." "Okay. I told you to come because I felt awkward during class because Justin just kept staring at me." "What? Are you serious?" She said with disbelief. "Why would I be playing around with that?" "You have to be serious since you never want to admit that he actually looks at you. Omg!" "Shh and that doesn't mean anything it's just that I felt awkward and uncomfortable." "Maybe he wanted to tell you something." "Oh yeah like what?"

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