One Way Or Another

Katie moves to England and meets a few friends but two special certain boys fall for her,one way or another she must pick which one her heart will go to or lose them both.


3. Warming Up

              ~Katies P.O.V~

As i was walking home i saw a very cheeky,curly cute boy start running towards me and i had no clue why...maybe he was running to someone else.When he finally caught up with me he smiled and said "HI Im harry!"He was vey handsome,had curly brown hair and green eyes and he seemed like the charming type."Hi Im katie,nice to meet you Harry"I said smiling.We walked home together and it turns out he lives across the street from me with a few of his friends."I have a feeling were going to be GREAT friends!" he said excitedly."I hope so :D" i said with a big smile.He hugged me goodbye and i walked inside my home.

  ~Night passes~

I wake up the next morning with a big smile on my face :D i cant wait for school,to see ZAYN and harry! and cassidy :D. I got up and slipped on my white fitted tanktop and peach pink highwaist shorts over with my tan cargo boots.I wore my hair natrually curly and threw on some mascara.I put a peach pink bow in my hair and i felt like my luck was begining to turn around.

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