One Way Or Another

Katie moves to England and meets a few friends but two special certain boys fall for her,one way or another she must pick which one her heart will go to or lose them both.


9. Unexpected visit!

   ~Katie's P.O.V.~

   I woke up and it was a bright day. I decided to stay in pajamas since I had no school. I keep on thinking about Harry and I conversation, I cared about Harry..AS A FRIEND.. I think...and, I didn't want to loose our friendship. I got a text From Cassidy and I groaned picking it up.

   Cassidy: Hey is it ok if I come over??

    Me: Ya, go ahead, BUT I WARN YOU! I am in my pajamas and I look horrible!No makeup!

    Cassidy: UH how about no. ._. You can't say you are ugly, your dating the biggest bad boy in school, Theres a lot of girls who wish they were you and would try to get at him but get rejected!

   I blushed reading that thinking,I can't be that pretty, Zayn could do way better then me. My insecurities are talking!

     Before I knew it Cassidy was at my door..that was pretty quick she must of started walking before asking or lives really close. I got up but I saw that my mom was already answering it. It was Zayn! I ran into my room trying to look for something to throw on.

   "KATIE YOUR FRIEND ZAYN IS HERE!!" my mum shouted from down stairs. I grabbed a random ouffit and tried to run to my bathroom but I already saw Zayn at my bedroom door. I screamed and covered my face.

     "DON'T LOOK AT ME!! I LOOK HORRIBLE!" I still had my face covered standing there and I could feel him walking closer and then he put his hands around my wrist removing my hands and I could see him biting his lips.

     "You look beautiful to me no matter what, with or without makeup." The door bell rang and I was guessing that was really Cassidy this time.

    "That must be Cassidy, can you go tell her I am changing and I'll be down there." I started walking but he stopped me still holding onto my wrist and I turned to him Looking at him in the eyes.

   "Don't wear something to try to empress me, don't burn your hair, and don't wear makeup, you look beautiful to me no matter what. I nodded and walked into my bathroom closing it behind me and Began to blush. Zayn is the sweetest guy ever!

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