One Way Or Another

Katie moves to England and meets a few friends but two special certain boys fall for her,one way or another she must pick which one her heart will go to or lose them both.


10. The Falling out

    ~Zayn's P.O.V.~

  I opened the door Seeing Cassidy standing there with Liam hand in hand and I raised one eye brow at them.

    "I didn't know Liam was coming too?" they both laughed at me but I held a serious face because I was really asking a question.

   "Well it was a last minute thing BUT I am glad it happened because I wouldn't want to be all alone with just you and Katie!" This time I laughed with her then let them in.

   Katie came down the stairs hugging both Cassidy and Liam then we sat on the couch and just talked about random different things.

  The door bell rang and Mrs.Lopez came down the stairs.

    "I got it guys." She opened it and I saw Harry at the door and Katie's face was shocked.

    "Hi Harry." Cassidy said then he ran off and I turned to Katie.

   "What's up with him...he looked at you?" She just got up excusing herself storming out the door running for Harry. "KATIE?!?!?"

  ~Katie's P.O.V.~

    "HARRY WAIT!!" I called at him and he kept walking trying to make it back at his place but I just stopped and tried to speak in a gentle voice "Harry..please." He finally stopped and I walked up to him. "Why did you come to my house?I know you wanted something!"

    "I just wanted to talk to you..well tell you something." He kept looking down not being able to make eye contact and I just folded my arms at him.

    "Go ahead, speak." I noticed he was having trouble just talking to me so I decided to be gentle."I am sorry Harry, I didn't mean to be rude like that.." He just closed his eyes and backed up throwing my hand off.

   "Of course you don't mean it! but don't pretend to care! don't give me sympathy or pity! Why haven;t you gotten that I really do believe Zayn is bad for you! but I don't care just because I am your friend and I have your back! because....I like you!!!! more as a friend!!" I stood there in shock..I didn't know what to do.......

    "Harr-h-harry I don't know wh-" Just then I heard a voice yell at us.

    "HEY!" I turned around seeing Zayn coming our way. "YOUR TRYING TO STILL MY GIRLFRIEND?" Zayn went up to Harry shoving him making Harry almost fall to the ground then trying to swing at him.

   "HARRY NO!" I screeched out shoving him back myself and he looked at me in the eye and mouthed sorry at me.

   "Stay out of this Katie, If beating up this guy takes getting him away from m girl then I am doing it." He gave Harry an evil look.

    "Who said that's going to stop me!" Harry said smirking at Zayn. Zayn obviously got angry and ran after him tackling him down tot he ground and I screamed out and Liam and Cassidy came out! right on time! Liam had to separate them talking sense into them. Finally Harry looked at me giving me and angry look and I looked down and he shaking his head at me.

    Cassidy and Liam took off and me and Zayn went back into the house and My mom left to her doctors appointment. Me and Zayn were now having alone time for the first time!

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