One Way Or Another

Katie moves to England and meets a few friends but two special certain boys fall for her,one way or another she must pick which one her heart will go to or lose them both.


1. The Begining

Today was the day after the move.I know I'm gonna be miserable here! I think the thing im gonna miss most is the california sun,the beaches,and just the atmosphere.England didnt seem much of a very sunny fun place,I personally think the only thing that would be fun around here is the accents.


I have long brown hair and blue eyes and I gotta admitt im a hipster,i wear hipster clothes and follow the lastest fashion.I finally got unlazy enough to get ready for my first day of school.I got in the shower,blow-dried my hair and flatironed my hair,Grabbed my leather jacket with dark blue skinny jeans with a U.S.A shirt and boots."I hope i tick them off with this shirt >:D" i whispered to myself while walking down my stairs.My mom was making breakfast when she saw me coming down the stairs and i saw my big brother all ready looking nice and fancy for his first day of being a jr. I thought to myself how fun it would be to be a Jr. in  highschool rather than a Freshman.I sat down and took a bite of my toast and walked to school.



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