One Way Or Another

Katie moves to England and meets a few friends but two special certain boys fall for her,one way or another she must pick which one her heart will go to or lose them both.


18. That awkward moment1

                            ~Harry's P.O.V~

I walked into the theader and saw katie standing in the front,She looked absolutely beautiful.I walked up to her and hugged her from behind,i wraped my arms around her hips as i kissed her cheek.Then i saw cassidy run up infront of her.FACK! "OUUUUU look at the lovebirds :DDD" She said smiling at cassidy as i saw liam walk up."Hey lad can i steal harry away for a second?" He said talking to Katie "Ok :D" she said smiling walking over to get the tickets with cassidy."WHAT DAFAQ BRO?!!" he said with his eyes getting big."WHAAT DID I DO??" i said confused."YOU KNOW THAT HER AND ZAYN ARE TOGETHER! AND YOU STOLE HER AWAY FROM HIM!" he said whisper-yelling."How COULD I NOT DO YOU NOT SEE HER? ARE YOU LIKE BLIND?! AND YOUR RIGHT *WAS HIS BUT NOT ANYMORE!" i said turning over to look at her smiling :D."I DONT CARE ABOUT WHAT SHE LOOKS LIKE! AND CASSIDY IS BEAUTIFUL! should be ashamed of yourself!"He said as he started to walk away shaking his head.We walked into the theader with his arm around cassidy and my arm around katies waist.As we were watching the play all i could think about was how i lied about the song,I felt so guilty because i KNEW Zayn put his heart and soul in it and i took credit for it.I looked over at her and she held my hand,I stared at her hand holding mine.Was what i did wrong?I decided to do the right thing and tell her everything.

After the play we walked out holding hands and i walked her to her car.I kissed her and said "I really need to tell you something" "Its ok just tell me tomorrow because my mom just text me and told me shes going on a bussniess trip and i gotta be home while shes gone." she said looking deep into my eyes."Ok ill text you later ok?" i said kissing her neck."Ok bye :D" she said stepping into her car,as i slowly saw her car drive away.

             ~Katie's P.O.V~

I walked inside the house and Zayn and my brother were still sitting on the couch talking except one thing....Perrie was there -.- I walked in and threw my keys on the counter.They turned around hearing the slam."Whats your problem?" she said smiling and a additude."Im sorry come back tomorrow,thats the day I talk to hoes." I said swinging the fridge open,I could feel my vains poping out of my arms and neck."UMMMM says the girl that kissed HARRY STYLES!" she said covering her mouth.I slammed the fridge door shut and i could hear all the things move inside.The boys hopped off the couch and stepped back.I waked into the livingroom "So what?!?!! i kissed HARRY STYLES! BUT GUESSED WHAT YOU KISSED ZAYN YOU UNEDUCATED SELF-OBSORBED HAIR OBSESSED HOE!" I said my face getting red and i could see zayn and all he was doing was putting his hand over his mouth shocked.Perrie stood up "I THOUGHT YOU WERE A LITTLE QUIET GIRL??!" I walked over closer to the couch and she started stepping backwards.I never had anyone afraid of me before :D." I WAS BUT GETTING CHEATED ON CHANGES YOU!" i said walking out of the room.

           ~Zayn's P.O.V~

"DAAAAAYYYYYMMM!!!!!!!" I said covering my face."WHAT??!"Perrie said with peircing eyes."YOU GOT TOOOOLLLDD!!!!!" I said laughing xD.we talked perrie into leaving and i talked to her brother.He said i should go and talked to her.I hopped up the stairs and shut the door behind me.I looked and seen she was crying.I walked over to the bed and she held up her phone.Harry dumped her saying "You deserve much better than a lieing jerk like me.Trust me I still love you.But if i let you go and you come back you will forever be mine,But if you never come back...You were never mine." she plopped her head down on her pillow as i raised her head and kissed her,I layed down with her and i stroked her hair.

       ~Cassidy's P.O.V~

I ran over to katie's house because liam told me everything.I rang the doorbell quickly as i was putting up my hair."Katie isnt here!!"Her brother said while opening the door."Then where is she?!"I said putting my hands on my hips."I dont know gorgous" he said while winking at me as i rolled my eyes,"Come onnn dont be like that!" he said has a grabed my hand but i snached away."STAY AWAY I ALREADY GOT THE 10INCH PAYNE TRAIN!!" i said while storming into the house looking for katie."payne train???" he said confused while closing the door.I started to walk towards the stairs to her room when he tugged on my arm and saying "Youuu might now wanna do that!" "Why not??" i said walking more."Because her and zayn are talking upthere."He said winking....but i had no clue what he ment. i walked more and opened the door and all i saw was....they were.... O_O JESUS "LAWWWDDDYYY JESSUSS AHHHHHHHHHH!!!!" as i slammed the door.Katie ran out with a robe on and i was sitting on my knees rocking back and forth and whispering "The horror.....the horror.." over and over again,while katie died laughing xD




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