One Way Or Another

Katie moves to England and meets a few friends but two special certain boys fall for her,one way or another she must pick which one her heart will go to or lose them both.


17. Motionless

                       ~Katies P.O.V~

I ran home crying.How could Zayn say that?That was just uncalled for and rude.I ran inside my house and cried the whole way to my room.I was getting changed when i felt something inside my pocket.When i took it out it was a piece of paper full of lyrics.It said at the bottom of the page in a different ink,kinda sloppy "~Your Cupcake~" it was obviosly harry,He must have wrote me this song and put it in my pocket while i was sleeping :D.I got on my computer and put the lyrics to a beat.I started to tell him about the song.

"Hey harry i edited the song you wrote me! :D"


"Yea the song you wrote me and put in my pocket remember?"

"OOOO yea that song :D you liked it love?"

"I loved it :D,welp ima go to bed nighty nighte cupcake"

"Night babe love you!"

I smiled at the fact he said me loved me...I never messaged back XD im sure he wouldnt mind.

I woke up the next morning and looked at my phone,I saw a text from harry "Morning love! wanna have a date tonight? Theater, 6:00 k?" I smiled and started bouncing on my bed.I was excited,I jumped up and started picking out my clothes.I ran into the bathroom and took a shower.Conicedentally i woke up at 2:00 so i only had 3hours.I rushed and blow dried my hair and flatironed it i threw on my clothes,and went down stairs to see Zayn and my brother sitting on the couch.Zayn's eyes got huge when he saw me."UUUUUHHHHHH whattttaaa u doinn here??"I said half way down the stairs looking confused."Well your brother is my girlfriends bestfriend so i decided to get to know him." he said evily smiling."Girlfriend???"I said looking confused."Yeah me and perrie,Look i know we had something but.."I inturupted him."No need to explain haha.but would you mind taking a picture of me for my boyfriend?He wants to know what im wearing."I said trying to make him jelous,I mean thats what he was doing to me and i could see right through his plan.I could tell by his face he relized his plan backfired,"BOYFRIEND?" he said standing up."Yeah...Harry :D" i said with a big smile.He showed a fake smile "Well ofcorse"He said through his teeth.He snapped the photo and he looked at it for a while and smiled




I gently took the phone from his hands while saying thankyou.He looked up at me and took a big gulp,His eyes said i miss you and i want you back,But his mouth stayed motionless.I walked out the door saying "Bye guys! see you when i get back!"

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