One Way Or Another

Katie moves to England and meets a few friends but two special certain boys fall for her,one way or another she must pick which one her heart will go to or lose them both.


12. Let It Sing Out

   ~Night Passes~

                  ~Zayn's P.O.V~

I wake up in a daze.I just couldnt get her out of my mind.I walked up to my closet,Picked out my leather jacket,lowcut white shirt,and dark blue jeans with white all star converse.

I sat down on my bed and got a notebook and pen and started writing lyrics.I had no other way to express myself but my hand was writting away.

"And I'd give up forever to touch you,Because i know that you feel me somehow.Your the closest to heaven,Ill ever be and i dont wanna go home right now.

And all i can taste is this moment.

And all i can breathe is your life.

Sooner or later its over.

I just dont wanna miss you tonight.

And i dont want the world to see me,cause i dont think that they'd understand,When everythings ment to be broken.I just want you to know who i AM.

When everything feels like the movies,Yeah you bleed just to know your alive.

And i dont want the world to see me,Cause i dont think that they'd understand yeah,When everythings ment to be broken,I just wants you to know who I AM.

I just want you to know who I AM."


I read and sang to myself over and over to make it perfect.Then i jumped up and grabbed my gutair."Time to go sing to katie :D" i whispered to myself jumpping into my car.


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