One Way Or Another

Katie moves to England and meets a few friends but two special certain boys fall for her,one way or another she must pick which one her heart will go to or lose them both.


16. End my relationship....or Begin a new one?

                   ~Harry's P.O.V~

I ran into the house guessing she understood my hint that i didnt wanna talk to anybody.I layed on my bed and had my ipod on repeat to:Sleeping With Sirens-If Im James Dean Your Audrey Hepburn.I stared at the celing thinking,I could feel my cheeks getting mad thinking about it.He wasnt ready to kill me the other day when I was Him and Perrie Edwards kissing.(A/N:when they arent famous!) But he wanted to get mad because i kissed katie,I mean him and perrie belong with eachother.They both care about nothing except their looks,And they can share hair-care products xD.I decided that the next time i spoke to her i would tell her.I stared to feel better so i decided i would take a nice little nap :D.

            ~Katie's P.O.V~

I went home and tried to call Zayn but he didnt answer.After i decided to check on harry to make sure he didnt try to kill himself or harm himself.I walked over to his house and rang his doorbell in a beat ~DunnnnDUUHHdunnnDUHHduduudududdudduuddududuududuhHhhhh~

he answered laughing and i could tell he was sleeping because he had a bit of drool on the corner of his cheek.We walked down the hall into the livingroom and sat on the couch."Im actually glad your here,I need to tell you something."He said looking into my eyes.I wipped the corner of his cheek saying "ok....and you had a bit of drool IT WAS BOTHERING ME XDDD" He smiled and said "You know Perrie Edwards right?" I nodded my head yes saying "Yeah she sat infront of me with Cassidy and...."I paused,I didnt wanna say his name.I didnt wanna make him feel uncomfortable but he knew who i was talking about." saw the other day....They kissed." He said figiting with his hands.I felt a tear roll down my cheek as i was thinking for a second.SHE WAS THE ONE THAT PASSED ME THE NOTE! I put my head down crying.Harry tilted my chin up and wiped my tears,I twirled and played with his hair a little bit.Then he kissed me ^~^,We made out for a while xDD.Then we layed down on the couch and i layed on his chest.I could hear his cute cupcake heartbeat.I fell asleep hearing the soothing thump of his heart.

          ~Zayn's P.O.V~

I drove to my house and sat in the car for almost an hour,Crying and reading our old textmessages.Her saying,Promising me she would never hurt me.I decided i wanted to talk it out with her,I figured i could forgive her.I drove to her house and rang the doorbell.Her mom answered the door smiling saying "Yes?" "Ma'mDo you know where katie is?" she looked at my face and she could tell i was crying."Ummm yea she left a note saying she was going to her friend harry's house...He lives right over there"She said pointing to harry's house.I felt my face getting red as i said Thankyou through my teeth.I ran over to harry's house and rang the doorbell repeatively untill he answered.He opened the door and smiled."Where is katie?!" I said through my teeth trying not to attack him."OHHHH i dunno maybe shes looking for a good boyfriend?" he said smiling evily.I pushed him to the floor and walked inside.The way the house was angled i couldnt see the livingroom."HAY! RUDE!" he said sitting on the floor."Where is she!"I said demanding.I heard a faint voice saying something.I started walking down the hall and it got more clear and more loud,It was katie saying "Harry??Harry are you ok?! Whats going on??" I walked inside the livingroom and i saw her sitting there,When she saw me she was in shock."What is that on your neck??!"I said walking closer."What??" I pulled her hair back and i saw a big pinkish purple hikey on her neck.She saw it and gasped."YOU WHORE!TO THINK I WAS GONNA SAY SORRY!!" i said backing away."IM THE WHORE???? SAYS THE MAN THAT KISSED PERRIE EDWARDS THE OTHER DAY!!YEAH DIDNT THINK ID FIND OUT ABOUT THAT HUH?" she said standing up pushing me."I DIDNT TELL YOU BECAUSE I DIDNT WANT YOU TO OVER-REACT!" i said holding her arms so she wouldnt push me anymore.she stared into my eyes as i saw tears going down her face.I let go fast and started to walk out.I saw harry standing at the doorway watching.I brushed passed him saying "You can have her -___-"

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