One Way Or Another

Katie moves to England and meets a few friends but two special certain boys fall for her,one way or another she must pick which one her heart will go to or lose them both.


19. Cocky

KATIES P.O.V I went back into my room and saw Zayn putting on his pants.I walked over and kissed him as he reached for his shirt.I sat down on my bed as he finished getting clothed abd sat beside me.He put his arm over me and kissed my cheek."Best night of my exsistance(;" He said winking at me kissing my neck.He pulled out his phone and i saw he had 5missed calls from his mom." AHH FAWK!" He said as he jumped up looking for his carkeys.I held u his car keys and laughed."I gotta go babe." He said as he gave me a long kiss goodbye as he walked out the door.I sat and smiled for a second then the door opened again.I saw zayn walk in and say "I couldnt leave without telling you..............i love you." He said looking down at is feet.I walked over and kissed him love you c; i said whispering in his ear.We kissed goodbye as i watched him leave.I layed on my bed and thought about everything that happend.I just couldnt stop smiling.Next cassidy came in and sat on my bed shaking her head."whats your problem" i said sitting up."dont you think your spreading yourself too thin?" She said putting her head down " ummmm whatchu mean?" I said nervous."You know getting with harry,zayn and god knows who else!" She said with a force in her voice."Ummmmmm what are you saying im a hoe?!" I said popping up from the bed,she could tell i was getting mad but she was mad too "basically if you wanna put it that way then yeah!"she said stepping back as i walked towards her "if your scared im gonna take liam should be!" I saw a tear stream down her face "YOUR LETTING THOSE GUYS CHANGE YOU BUT IM NOT GONNA STICK AROUND FOR THE OUTCOME!!"She said leaving and slaming the door.I ploped on my bed and whispered to myself "ehhhh i dont need her anyways fawk it"
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