One Way Or Another

Katie moves to England and meets a few friends but two special certain boys fall for her,one way or another she must pick which one her heart will go to or lose them both.


11. Alone Time

I walked into my room where Zayn was,He was laying on one side of my bed with his hands on his face.I walked over and layed down on the other side,I still had a tear on my face from when i was crying during the fight.Zayn took his hands off his face and wipped my tear from my cheek.I layed my head on his chest and we just layed there in silence for a while."I didnt and dont wanna hurt him....You know that right??" He said putting his arm around me.I leaned back so his arm would be around me and i could look at his face."Yea i know...He just said the wrong thing....It happends." I said starting to touch his hair.He snapped back and said "NO TOUCHY!!!!" i started laughing and said "BUT I LIKE IT!!! :D" He crawled off the bed and hid inside of my closet.I walked over saying "HMMMMM where is zayn??? Where could he be? :D" I walked over to the closet but before i could open it Zayn popped out with some of my clothes on."OUUUU I LOOK GOOOD" he said hopping infront of my mirror fixing his hair.I layed back down on the bed as he put on one of my bras,went into the bathroom and filled it with toilet paper and came back into the room."JUST MY SIZEEEEE" he said laughing.I rolled over the bed and died laughing and he jumped on my bed.Next thing i hear is my mom calling me coming up the stairs.But By the time i tried to tell zayn she was already in the doorway looking at Zayn with my stuffed bra,skirt,and shirt. I started rolling on my bed laughing when he hopped off and threw off the bra and skirt and walked over to shake her hand but all she said was "your weird! two are perfect for eachother..." and walked downstairs with my brother coming upstairs.He walked inside my room and said "Mom wants to know if your.......FRIEND is gonna stay for dinner? -__-" and he gave zayn a kinda Mugface and i said"Zayn you wanna stay for food? :3 please.... xD" "ok i guess lemme just text me mum" he said winking at me.

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