My English Teacher

I put my trust in him. He showed me what it's like to love again and what it's like to be loved. But we will have to knock down walls to be together.


12. To the Office.

Louis held my hand as we walked into the school. His thumb gently stroked my hand. We were getting weird glances from students as we passed them in the hall. 

"Lou are you nervous?" I asked him. 

"Terrified, no matter what happens I love you." He said. He pulled me into a hug and kissed the top of my head. We walked into the office a police officer was standing next to the superintendent. 

"Mr. Tomlinson we will speak with you first." The superintendent said. Louis nodded before slipping out of view into the main office. 

Louis POV

"Have a seat." Mr. Jones said. I nodded. I sat down and faced them. 

"Alright Mr. Tomlinson, I am Miss Smith, from the downtown precinct. Mr. Jones here called in to have me launch an investigation about an illegal relationship between you and Miss Miller." She said. I nodded. "Okay now tell me everything from the beginning." She asked. 

"Well I met her first day of school. She was attacked verbally and physically by some girls in the class. I kick them out, I had to move on with the lesson as planned, I kept her in at lunch to find out more about her situation. I knew that that couldn't have just started that day. By the end of the 50 minutes she had told me about the loss of her boyfriend and soon to be fiance. I had also learned that she was emotionally scarred by the events of his death. She confessed that her grief drove her to try and kill her self which ended up failing." I told them. 

"So you prey on young teenage girls with emotional instabilities?" she asked me defensively.

"No, I took her in. I love her. I care for her. If I didn't why am I telling you this instead of simply saying she came onto me, that she is crazy. I love that girl out there, she is the fucking air I breath. No one in this fucking school thinks she will ever be anything other than a mess, a broken scarred mess. I know she is more that that, fuck she isn't even that. She is beautiful, she is perfect, she is stunning. I love her so much, if you think for one second you can keep us apart you are wrong. If she died, I would kill myself just to be with her. If you separate us thats murder!" I said forcefully. I stood up and my chair flew backwards. 

"Mr. Tomlinson the superintendent and I have decided that it would be best if she was relocated to another school. We have contacted her father who has agreed. You will stay here. You two are to cease all contact." The cop said. 

"How long?" I asked. 

"While we were talked her father came and picked her up." Mr. Jones said. I bolted out into the hall way. I saw her getting her things out of her locker with her dad. 

"ANDREA!" I screamed. Her head snapped in my direction. We ran to each other. 

"I'm so sorry baby." I cried. 

"Louis don't let me leave." She cried. 

"I won't baby, I won't. I love you so much." I said before slamming my lips onto hers. Seconds later I was pulled back by several staff members. some students from the classes were out in the halls watching but I didn't care. I struggled to get free. She was being pulled away by her dad. 

"LET ME GO!" I screamed. I got a arm free and punched one of the guys holding me. 

"LOUIS!" She yelled before I got hit. I continued to fight. Soon enough I had freed myself. I saw the car pull out of the space. I ran after it. Her dad laid on the gas leaving me behind. I fell to my knees sobbing. I looked at my hands and they were beaten and bloodied. I knew my face wasn't far off. I heard girls crying in the background. 

"Mr. Tomlinson come back inside, we need to get you cleaned up." Mr. Hall said. I stood up and turned into his direction. 

"Why? Why should I go back in? You assholes don't understand that I love her. I need her! Without her what is the point of living. And don't give me all that high and mighty teacher bullshit! I know about you and a girl last year. She would do anything to graduate. At least I loved my girl. You just fucked that 17 year old and sent her off with passing grades." I yelled. A chorus of Oohs echoed from the students. He sent his fist flying into my face. I hit him, but I didn't stop. I landed a few good hits to his face and stomach. He stumbled forward and fell on me. 

"And fuck with me again and I will kill you." I hissed before flying my knee up to his crotch. I pushed him off and when he fell on the ground I walked off. 

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