My English Teacher

I put my trust in him. He showed me what it's like to love again and what it's like to be loved. But we will have to knock down walls to be together.


1. New Teacher

"Andrea did you here about the new English teacher?" My best friend Anna asked me. The old one went on maternity leave. I shook me head no. She giggled. Her hand found my wrist and pulled me into the class. I bumped into a guy. He looked about really young. He was wearing black pants a white dress shirt and a tie. His black glasses perfectly framed his sea blue eyes. He sandy brown hair was pulled into a quiff. The bell rang and I took my normal seat. When the second bell rang the man shut the door. He stood at the front of the class.

"Good morning everybody. I am Mr. Tomlinson. Your new maths teacher. First off don't be late for my class it just pisses me off." He stated flatly, we a laughed at his remark. "Second, can we move all the desks off to the wall now stack them on one another." He said we were all confused. But we listened. We stood at the back silently. 

"Okay now I need all the guys to go out to the loading dock and carry the shipment with my name on it. It won't be under Mr. Tomlinson but Louis. Quickly please." He said they all rushed out of the class. He then told all of us girls to stack chairs. I stacked a few before noticing that my bag was open and my journal was missing. I rummaged through it. I felt a hand on my shoulder. "Are you missing something?" Mr. Tomlinson asked. I ignored him before my eyes fell on the school bitches. They had it and were reading it. 

"I'm gonna kill those herpes infested sluts." I spat forgetting that my teacher was next to me. I stormed over to them and snatched it away. They pushed me to the ground and started to say things, mocking me. Quoting my journal. Tears filled my eyes and I went to stand up but was kicked down. Before they could do anything else Mr. Tomlinson's voice boomed over the girls voices. 

"Girls OFFICE NOW! " He hollered. They stormed out and I got up. The boys carried in two seated blue couches about 20 of them. Mr. Tomlinson directed them to be placed in a circle. Our school is weird we would spend two months on one core subject then take our final. He came right at the beginning of English term for my class. Tears stung my eyes as I slipped into a couch in the back. I just wanted to die, to slip away to disappear. I heard my name being called bringing me out of my thoughts. 

"Andrea Miller?" Mr. Tomlinson called. He was taking attendance. 

"Here..." I squeaked. He eyes bore into mine. He continued with attendance. 

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