My English Teacher

I put my trust in him. He showed me what it's like to love again and what it's like to be loved. But we will have to knock down walls to be together.


13. Meet Again

7 years Later

Andrea's POV

"Jace!" I called. A few seconds later my son came running down the stairs with his black backpack on. I hurried him out to the car. He was finishing his last half of 2nd grade out at my old elementary school in doncaster. I dropped him off at the front door before heading to work. 

A few hours later I got a call from his school. I immediately answered. 

"Hello?" I asked. 

"Hi. Um this is Mr. T. I am you sons teacher. He did an assignment for me today and I was calling to talk to you about it." The teacher said. 

"Ok. What was the assignment about?" I asked. 

"Love." He told me calmly. 

"Oh well what did he write." I asked.

"He wrote.... Love is a trick. A mean old trick. It makes you happy only to hurt you. Love sucks." The teacher said. "Andrea..... I asked him how do you know that. He told my that 'my mommy says so.' I told him that the assignment was what you believe love is and he told me that, that is what he believes in because his dad left him and his mom. He said he loves his dad but it only hurts to think about him..." My breath hitched as tears streamed down my cheeks. 

"Andrea his last name is mine...." He said. 

"Louis.... oh god." I cried. 

"So it is you.... you're alive. Oh my god." I heard him inhale sharply. 

"Lou....."I whispered. 

"Can you pick Jace up..... or can I bring him back to mine and you meet me there." He asked. 

"Where do you live?" I asked.

"Same place, and the lads still do too." He said. 

"Yeah take him home I will see you then." I said.

"Bye. Love you." He whispered.

"I never stopped." I told him.

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