My English Teacher

I put my trust in him. He showed me what it's like to love again and what it's like to be loved. But we will have to knock down walls to be together.


6. His house

"BOO BEAR YOU HOME?" A husky voice yelled. 

"YEAH HAZ I'M HOME! YOU HAVE CLOTHES ON RIGHT? WE HAVE COMPANY!" Mr. Tomlinson shouted. Soon a curly haired boy entered the room, he had stunning green eyes. He was only wearing boxers. Mr. Tomlinson set me down he was shaking his head and laughing. 

"Andrea?" The boy asked. My head snapped in his direction. "It's me Harry...." He said. I ran to him. I collided with his chest wrapping my arms around him. 

"I'm so sorry Harry, I should have never sent you away." I said. He chuckled.

"Oh Andrea, it's ok. I should have never left." He said. 

"Harry clothes now." Mr. Tomlinson said. Harry ran off. I stood in the middle of the room looking around. Mr. Tomlinson led me to my room. It was huge. 

"And we can go shopping tomorrow for some more clothes." He said from behind me. I turned shock written all  over my face.

"No, no , no. I can't let you spend your money on me. It's not right. I will get a job then we can go." I said. 

"Andrea what did I tell you, you are 17 relax. Sit back and let me worry about financial issues ok? And there are 3 other people who live here by the way." He said. I laughed. 

"fine. But at least let me make it up to you. " I said. He nodded. 

"Just continue to read to me, I love your voice, plus I want to know more about you." He said. 

"But Mr. Tomlinson..." I whined.

"Louis, out side of school it's Louis. I'm gonna go change quickly. See you in 5." He said. 

"Okay." I said. I sat down on 'my' bed. I heard the front door open and voices carry. They were all guys voices. I suddenly became intimidated. I hopped off the bed and ran to the far corner and hid behind the dresser. Instinct took over. I heard the door to my room open. 

"Andrea?" Louis voice filled my ears. I sighed in relief. 

"Lou what are you doing?" A few other voices asked. Louis was walking around the room. His eyes soon connected with mine. 

"Lads can you wait outside please?" Louis asked and soon they were gone. He walked over to me. He knelt infront of me. His hair was all over the place and he didn't have glasses on. He was wearing a white tank and grey sweats. "Hey, come here. They are harmless. Trust me." He said with open arms. I crawled out into his arms. He chuckled. We just sat there for a few minutes. He stood up then helped me up. He held onto my hand as he led me out of the room. He led me to another room. He pulled out some basketball shorts and a tank. He walked out of the room and shut the door. I quickly changed then pulled my hair into a messy bun. I opened the door and Louis was waiting for me. He led me out. There were 4 boys sitting on the couches. One was Harry and the other three looked familiar. 

"Wait, do you guys work at Lilian?" I asked. 

"Yeah why?" The one with black hair asked.

"Oh wait I know you! You are Mr. Malik English teacher, you are the Spanish teacher Mr. Horan , and you are Mr. Payne gym teacher. My friend just drools over you guys." I said. They all chuckled. 

"Well its Liam, Zayn, and Niall outside of school hours and your friend is Anna?" Liam asked. I laughed. I nodded. Everyone started to chuckle. 

"How do you know Louis?" Liam asked. I looked up at him. He seemed to be thinking of a lie. He sighed. I removed my hand from his knowing he was going to tell the truth. 

"She is my student...." He confessed. I looked down at the floor. I should have known how wrong this was. He was my teacher and I was his student. 

"Louis do you realize how fuck wrong this is? You have just put you job on the fucking line you JOB. How could you have been so irresponsible! Plus you could go to jail. This is fucking perfect. Instead of a paycheck at the end of the month you are going to be given a pink slip and an orange jumpsuit!" Liam said. I felt the tears swell up in my eyes. He was right. I could get Lou- Mr. Tomlinson sent to jail and fired. Everyone was too busy scolding Louis so I slipped away. I put on my shoes and walked out the front door. Before I left the front steps I was grabbed and moved. Louis was standing in front of me. He held me against the wall. 

"Andrea don't, don't leave me. Please..." He begged. 

"Mr. Tomlinson he was right. I'm only 17, you could go to jail. You could loose your job. I can't do that to you." I told him. He didn't budge.

"Andrea you don't get it do you... I can't let the best thing that has ever happened to me slip away. I would be stupid to let you walk back home. I love you Andrea, you aren't just another student or girl to me. I love you, you are my everything. Please don't leave." He said. I let a tear slip out of my eye. He quickly wiped it away. 

"Fine. I will stay, but Louis what if we get caught?" I asked. He chuckled.

"I'm an English teacher. I will write either a convincing argument or perfect lie. But I am sure that I'm not letting you go." He said. 

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