Open Scars - One Direction [One Shot]


Open Scars is what you get when you cut in your self every day for feeling sorry for your self because you lost a friend... A friend who not just was one friend but a best friend.
When you lose that best friend because he saw a better life in his future was heartbroken.... Life was never easy for him and July knew. July was a girl who once had a best friend, and not only a best friend but actually Niall Horan. Ones he was just a boy who had family problems, love problems. Now you probably know him from the band One Direction. Niall forgot all about his life when he became famous.. He let everyone out.... Also the person who knew everything about him and his past life.. July

(Hear som sad music an you will cry your bum out of your pants)


3. Thank you for reading

Thanks with my whole, big and sweet heart. This story means the world to me. I once lost a near friend because of the popularity. I started cutting in my self in a young age when my life just shut down, it went completly out of mind, it was like i didn't even care about my self because i thought i had lost everything. My heart goes out to One Direction and thats why they are in my story, i love them and i have no hate against them. The Niall part and One Direction part was all fanfic and drama just as we love it! I hope with my whole heart that you liked and loved my story and wan't to share it with others or like it and spread a comment below! I love you.. YOU for reading this. Life is perfect now and i'm in my bestest mood. If you fell down or slow or sad then text me, find me on facebook or just write a comment, i wan't to help others who probably fell the same as i did once. 
I know i'm not perfect so i tried my best to write it on English perfect but mistakes come with it so sorry for the mistakes hope you can read through them.
July is a sweet and adorable girl, who i really loved during writing this and it toke long and i fell like i got a special relationship with my fiction girl JULY. 
Remember i love 1D! AND YOU.. Don't fell sad for me. Remember that.

XX Lizzi_1 

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