Open Scars - One Direction [One Shot]


Open Scars is what you get when you cut in your self every day for feeling sorry for your self because you lost a friend... A friend who not just was one friend but a best friend.
When you lose that best friend because he saw a better life in his future was heartbroken.... Life was never easy for him and July knew. July was a girl who once had a best friend, and not only a best friend but actually Niall Horan. Ones he was just a boy who had family problems, love problems. Now you probably know him from the band One Direction. Niall forgot all about his life when he became famous.. He let everyone out.... Also the person who knew everything about him and his past life.. July

(Hear som sad music an you will cry your bum out of your pants)


1. My story about a boy who changed for no reason

My story is probably going to make you feel helpless

To remember that part of my life that hurts the most, hurts even more when i realize that i miss that one person who really stood by my side my whole life. Its hard to describe why we lost it... He just flicked on me and said i wasen't good enough because i couldn't live with him not being my friend. He didn't see me. He didn't love me anymore.


this story is probably going to make your head fall to the ground and not being lifted up again. before i start the story i just wan't to warn you. You will probably be stunned when you figure out that Niall Horan isn't that kind boy that he used to be, i will do my best to tell this story, its time to get the truth revialed.. Fame really knocked Niall down and people needs to know that it changed him for no reason. 

I miss him everyday i would lie if i said it didn't, he was my first love, my first best friend.. He said goodbye to his old him and waved hallo to the new him and god.. how i wish he would never had done that.

Read my story and please don't feel sorry for me, because i'm okay.. For now.

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