Nerdy Love

Can a nerdy girl change her crushes mind? He's a hot jock and she's an ugly nerd, but will things change when they end up living together and the girl he once knew as a nerd becomes a popular hottie?


1. Rejection

Josh and his friends surrounded me, suppressing their smiles. "I like you!" I stammered. My long, brown hair fell into my eyes as I stood there, embarrassed. His deep laugh echoed through the halls as everyone turned to stare.

"You like me? That's funny, as if you'd have a chance with me. I'm quarterback of the football team, and what are you? An ugly nerd, a nobody." I was at loss for words. He was right, I was a nerd and a nobody. I don't even know why I tried to confess. As if I'd have a chance with Josh. He was like a God at this school, and I was the girl that no one seems to notice. Some of my teachers don't even remember my name. Mortified, I ran away. My legs carried me away as far as they would take me. I was shaking from all the embarrassment. Everyone saw me get rejected.

"That's right runaway, you nerd!" One of Josh's stupid, jock friends hollered. I felt a tear slip from my left eye as I ran into the girls bathroom and the door shut behind me. I ran into the first stall I saw and slammed the it shut, causing it to shake. I don't care if anyone's in here or not. I can't believe him, a simple "I'm sorry, I don't like you." would have been easy. I hate Josh! He's so inconsiderate of other peoples feelings. 

I pulled my knees up to my chest and wrapped my arms around my legs. My head rested upon my knees as my tears began to calm. I was no longer crying, and my breathing steadied. Reluctantly,I pushed the bathroom stall door open and looked in the mirror. I was a wreck: my makeup was smeared, and my hair was knotted and tangled. I brushed my hands through my hair in attempt to straighten it out a bit. I opened the door and walked out. I hung my head and made eye contact with nobody. 

It's the last period of the day. There are whispers all around me and they were all about me. I couldn't take it anymore. I can't stand everyone's eyes on me. I might be imagining things and I might not. Word of my confession could have spread around the school like a wild fire. So, I grabbed my bag and ran out the door. My teacher, Mrs. Robinson, called after me, "Jessica! Where are you going?" I kept on running. I'd rather have detention than hearing those whispers.

I was finally out of the school and off of school grounds. I can't go home, my parents would get mad if they found out I left school. I waited patiently at a bus stop. I grabbed my Ipod out of my bag, put my headphones in, and blasted my favorite song. Blocking out my surroundings. The bus pulled up and I gathered my things before boarding. I told the driver what stop I get off at before sitting down in the very back where hardly anyone sat. I want to break down and cry. But he's not worth my tears. I can't cry over something so trivial. I'm over thinking things.  A nap is what I need. Something to get my mind off of him.

Someone was shaking me. "Miss, miss, excuse me, miss wake up." My eyes drifted open. The bus driver, a short stubby man with gray hair, was standing above me. I blinked my surroundings into a clear view and realized it was dark outside.. I jumped up and the bus driver jumped back, "Are you okay?" 

"Where am I?" I asked. 

"We're at your bus stop." He answered. I looked around and saw that he was right. 

"I drove around a bit waiting for you to wake up, but you never did." He said. I smiled at him, "Thank you." I gathered my things and walked off the bus.

Mom and Dad are going to be pissed, their so over-protective. I walked through the front door preparing to be questioned by my parents, but nothing happened. I looked around the living room, but they weren't sitting there. What time was it? I checked my phone, 9 pm. I heard talking and laughing coming from the dining room. I set my things down on the couch and walked towards the voices. My eyes widened and my mouth dropped by what I saw. Josh and his family were sitting at our dinner table eating with my family!

"Jessica! There you are. Where have you been? The Lanes came over for dinner. Did you forget that was tonight?" My mother asked. I did forget. My mom and Josh's mom are best friends since High School. I turned to look at Josh. "Close your mouth honey, you'll catch flies." My dad said. Everyone laughed, but not Josh, no he just sat there smirking at me. I shook my head, trying to keep myself from saying something I shouldn't. "I'm going to bed. Night Miss and Mister Lane." I waved goodbye and walked to my room. I slowly shut my door. Then I turned around and jumped onto the bed, shoving my face into a pillow in the process.

"Why me? Why do you hate me so much God?" I flipped over onto my backside and stared at the ceiling. It was painted dark blue, like the night sky. There were stars all around and in the middle, in big letters, read: Dream Big, Live Big, Live Happy, Be Happy. How can I be happy? My life is ruined. Then again, it's not like it was any better in the first place.

I could hear more laughter, I strained to hear what they were saying. I heard my name once or twice and then more laughing. They're probably talking about what a failure I am. How I'm some kind of laughing stock. Or maybe, Josh is telling them how I confessed. Me, the queen nerd of the school.

Maybe I could be home schooled?  That would make my life a whole lot easier. Or maybe, I could change. Change for the better. Change my looks, my personality, everything. I'll make Josh regret rejecting me, humiliating me.

That's what I'll do. From today onward, I'm going to change and make Josh's life a living hell.

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