Faded Love....

Have you just ever loved someone so much you would literally DIE for them?
Thats what happened....when I met Harry....He was everything to me.
Until one day...he was gone....I have nothing left except the dear precious necklace he had gave me...( SHORT story! )


1. The Beginning ....or was it the end?

Tyla's POV

"I remember that cheeky smile he would always make....when he saw me. Everytime I looked into his emerald eyes, it was like I fell in love over again..." I say to Niall, as he nodded the tears brimming in his eyes. We could never speak of Harry without thinking of his horrible death. "I know you miss him Tyla, we all do...he was...just a innocent special soul we could never, get out of our heads." Liam says letting out a choking cry looking at Harry's tomb stone. As it poured and rained all over the five us. Louis, Niall, Liam, Zayn and I. 

I smiled kneeling down setting the flowers on his grave. "I'll always love you..." I whisper kissing my hand and touch the new grave stone writing: HARRY EDWARD STYLES FEBRUARY 1ST 1994 - NOVEMBER 2ND 2015. I let out the smallest of sighs standing up and turn looking at the boys brushing some of my brown hair out of my face and offer a small smile towards them. "Lets...g-go.." - I stutter as they nod. I let a whimper walking off with the boys. 


*****PAST: May 2nd 2014******

Being a doctor wasn't that hard right? Well, unfortunately the only bad side was when you lose a patient. I walked down the hallways waiting for my pocket to buzz. I was a great surgeon. ( Or i have been told ) My last patient, had died of a bullet in the left temple. I shuddered remembering the patients constant monitor going off.

Sometimes, I could never handle this hospital. Especially with how many people die every second. I felt my pocket buzz and pick it up as I needed to help a patient check up. I smile, I loved helping people get better. It made me feel like a great person. I walked to room 214 and opened the door seeing a curly headed boy with his Mother, who seemed to have dried tears from her eyes. I looked at her a bit concerned. "What seems to be the problem M'am?" I ask looking at the boy who smirked at me a bit. I raised an eyebrow looking back at his mother. "My son...he hasn't ate for about two days and he's been running temperatures...he has this rash on his-" She pauses as her son coughed loudly. "Mom, I am okay! I'm just a bit sick, seriously Ms..." He glances down at my name tag. "Ms. Carter....I'm okay, we don't need any shots or any check ups!" He says nervously. 

"Harold! If you were 'okay' then you wouldn't have came back home. Your twenty years old Harry! You should be out with your friends! Be back at your OWN place! Not with your parents!" She says though I could tell she wanted the boy named Harry to stay with her, her voice cracked as she looked at me. "You can make sure he's okay? And find out whats wrong with him right?" She asks worry and hope in her voice as she looked at me standing up. "Of course." I smile. "My name is Anne, and thats my son Harry. Harry Styles." Anne says, as I write down the information on the clip board. I take his blood pressure and everything you would do on a check up as always. "Well, I will be back, just stay here. And I will put this information into the files since he seems new, Anne" I say and smile at Harry as he smiled back a little. I walked out of the room closing the door softly so it wouldn't slam. I was already worried about this boy. He did not seem okay.....This wasn't any cancer like it usually would be...what could it be?  


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