Secrets (We all have them...)

Main Characters:
Diana Nicole Metz
Nick Jonas
Andrew West
Selena Gomez
This story is about a young girl named Diana who has gone through so much that she feels as if she's not worth it anymore. After recovery of depression, she meets a guy who changes her life completely. Both emotionally and physically, I guess you can say...


4. Unplanned

Mom and Selena left a while ago, so I'm home alone. They had to go on a business trip. I don't think I will be expecting them in 3 days.  

Since it was getting close to 12, I decided I should probably get ready. I went to take a quick shower. 

When I finished, I headed to my closet, I am obsessed with my walk-in closet. And of course my phone, and guitar too, but more my closet. I quickly randomly grabbed one of my skinny jeans. I grabbed my dark blue silky fabric shirt and my black scarf. I grabbed my boots and socks. Put them on then grabbed my jacket, and purse. I set them on my bed. I quickly grabbed my brush and brushed down my silky long darkish brownish hair. My hair was still a bit wet, so I decided to blow dry it. When I was done, I put on my jacket. I checked the time on my phone, when suddenly a message appears.

"Hey I'm on my way... " 


Heading to bathroom I realized that I might need something to hide my face from paparazzi.

"Ehh! I have my scarf! I think I can cover myself with that..."I said to myself as I was applying toothpaste on my toothbrush.  

When I was done brushing my teeth, I grabbed my purse and headed downstairs.  

The doorbell rings, the inside of me starts panicking. I raced to the door, took a deep breathe and opened it. 


"Hi!"he smiled

"Hey!"I smiled back

"Are you ready?"he asked

"Yeah let me just grab my purse."I said as I walked toward the kitchen counter.

"Alright let's go!"I added.

I followed Nick, until we made a stop in front of a black mustang. Like a gentleman he opened the car door for me. 


"Thanks!"I smiled

"No problem!"he smiled

As I was putting on my seatbelt, I was freaking out in the inside. I was afraid was gonna get caught. I took a deep breathe. Which I guess helped a little.

"So where do you like your coffee from?"he asked kindly

"Mmm, Starbucks. How about you?"I said

"Starbucks too."he said

"So we will go to Starbucks."he added

"Alrighty."I smiled nervously

"So tell me about yourself."he said

"Uh. What do you wanna know?"I asked

"What do you like to do in your free time?"he asked

"I usually like to play my guitar or piano, or even write songs."I smiled

"So if you write songs, that means you sing, right?"he asked

"We'll, yeah, but I don't like my voice, but I do love to sing."I answered

"I want to hear you sing."he smiled

"Oh. Ha. Ha." I said

"Please?"he smiled

"Okay..."I gave in because of his beautiful face.

"So what song should I sing?"I asked

"Uh any song. I just want to hear you sing."he winked

"Okay let me think..."I blushed

*Few Seconds*

"I'm going to sing a song I wrote."I added as I took my song book out of my purse. 

I took a deep breathe and started singing... 

As I was singing I could feel my cheeks warm and red. 

He started singing along as he looked at my songbook. Impressed by his multitasking but yet a little afraid.

"I have to admit even though it's the first time singing along with you, I liked it."he smiled

"Thanks!"I said as blushed

On the rest of the way, I was talking to myself in my head. Like, seriously, why am I blushing!? That's not suppose to happen!

"Are you gonna get down?"asked Nick repetitively .

"Oh sorry, I spaced out."I said in embarrassment.

He laughed "lets go!"

Standing in line making my decision on what to order, I've noticed people were just looking at me. Than again I was hanging out with Nick Jonas, who wouldn't look? 

After we had gotten our drinks, Nick had the idea of going to the park on a walk. It was actually wasn't to cold nor to hot, just right.

"So, now that we have our drinks, would you care to tell me why I've never heard of you. "said Nick.

"Oh, yeah, ha. Well, I'm adopted. I was adopted by Selena's mom at the age of three. I never actually knew how I ended up where I was. I've been looking for a year now for my real parents but nothing. Selena and my mom think that I don't know about one of their little secrets. They are trying to hide me from the outside world. So no one at school knows, that she's my sister. They don't want anyone to know I'm part of the family. Somehow it ruins their reputation."I explained

"Oh, that's messed up."he said


I knew he still felt bad because he gave me a hug. I had this feeling of safety and warmth. Nothing I've ever felt from Andrew when we were dating.

"What I don't understand is why Selena never told me."he thought over and over again.

"We'll I don't know, they have many reasons to hide or not say anything. I'm not saying I'm on their side."I explained

"Yeah I get you. Wait, do you have boyfriend?"he asked. I have to admit it was a bit awkward when he asked that.

"Um yes and no."I said

"What do you mean?"he asked giving me a confused look.

"Uh, it's complicated."I hesitated

"Ohh. Sorry for asking."he apologized

"Nah. It's fine."

"So tell me more about yourself."he said

"Okay. What else do you wanna know?"I smiled

"How come you haven't let anyone hear your voice? I'm being serious, I think you have a beautiful unique voice." he complimented

"Thanks!"I smiled

"I don't know, I've tried, but my mother and sister always get in the way of it and ruin it for me. I guess they are trying to keep me out of the singing career."I sighed

"I would definitely like to help you."he offered

"Mmm... Are you sure?" I asked


"Let me think about it and I will get back to you on that." I smiled


"Okay enough about me, I wanna know more about you."I said

"What do you wanna know?"he asked

"When did you start your music career?"I asked

"I was pretty young. Probably at the age of 6 or 7. My parents were musicians, somewhat."he said

"Oh wow. That must be awesome having parents that are also talented."I said

"Yeah, so now my turn. When did you get interested about music?"he asked

"Me. I was like 11 when I saw how singers would sing how they felt about, things, like life, love, happiness, basically everything. That's when I started writing my own songs."I said

From there Nick and I basically talked for hours walking around the park, looking at birds fly, ducks swimming, and couples walking around. 

When Nick and I finally left the park, I've noticed a few cars following us on the way home. It was really late. I figured it was the paparazzi. 

"Oh great!"says Nick

"What?"I ask


"Really? So now what?"I asked worried

"I don't know, let me think."he said

"I can't drop you off at your house."he added

"Oh. Ah! Stupid paparazzi."I said

"I know this is gonna sound weird but I think you might have go stay over my place. Is that okay?"he asked nervously.

"Uh? I guess it's alright."I knew it was going to be awkward if I stayed at his place.

"Okay. Lets go."

Since there is no way I could get home since the paparazzi are following us, the only option was heading to Nick's place. I can't be caught being with Nick, that would ruin my plans.

"Hey put this on. Cover yourself. They're are gonna try to take pictures from the rear."he handed me his jacket to cover myself.

"Okay."I said

My whole entire head was cover. It was kinda hard to breath, but oh we'll. Sure did love the scent of his jacket.

"So how exactly are we gonna get inside without being caught?"I asked

"We'll get in from the back of the building."he explained

"Oh. Okay."

As we finally arrived, Nick had to think of a plan to lose them. Than he finally got help from his brother by making him do something really stupid while driving. Pretty sure the headline for tomorrow's new will be "Drunk Driving Joe" 

Nick and I raced out of the car into the building. Nick handed me sunglasses to put on. I was pretty amazed from the inside. I sounded like some poor girl. We headed to the elevator to the last floor, which was pretty high up. Walking by many doors, was getting boring.

We had finally reached Nick's door. He unlocked it quickly and pulled me in.

"So, now what?"I asked taking the sunglasses, jacket, and scarf off.

"I guess you'll have to stay for the night. It's pretty late."he said

"Yeah it is late, we lost track of time."I said

"You know what people say..."before I could say anything, Nick cut me off.

"Time goes fast when your having fun."he smiled

"Wait? You had fun?"I asked

"Yes, definitely!"he smiled

"It was better than when I went with your sister. She was pretty quiet. She didn't have many stories to tell. Your more interesting."he smiled

"Aww thanks! Kinda sucks for my sister, though. Haha"I said

Before Nick could say anything, the doorbell had ranged. It was Joe.

"Hey thanks man!"said Nick

"No problem. I had fun!"he laughed as he walked in. Nick closed the door and headed toward me.

"Joe meet Nicole, Nicole meet Joe."introduced Nick

"Hey! Nice to meet you."said Joe

"Nice to meet you too, Joe."I smiled

I went to sit next to the fireplace when I overheard Joe and Nick.

"She's pretty. Let me have her."winked Joe

"Hands off. Stay away from her."said Nick seriously. Somehow Nick didn't like one thing Joe had said. He made it seem as if I was his girlfriend and he was protecting me. Awkward! I pretended to not hear anything.

"Chill dude!"he said

My phone ranged: 

"Crap, it's Selena."I said


"Hey, I was just checking how you were."she said

"Oh, I'm good. Nothing to worry about."I said

"Alrighty, so mom wants to know where you are."she said

"We'll, I'm at home. Where I'm suppose to be."I lied.

"Okay, we'll see you in a few days than."she said

"Okay than bye."I said


I felt bad lying to her, even though she has done it many times to me. 

Before I could say anything to Nick, my phone rings again. This time it's Andrew.



"Hey what's up?"I said

"Nothing much, I was wondering if we were still up for your planning."he asked

"Oh my gosh! I forgot. I'm so sorry."I said

"Oh, um...Selena's bf."I added hoping he didn't hear me.

"You could have called me before I went to you're house."he said

"I'm really sorry. I'll talk to you tomorrow. My phone is dying and I don't have my charger."I said

"Alright than see ya!"he said.

I turned around, and both Joe and Nick were looking at me. 


"Uh? Are you guys okay?"I asked

"Yeah, we're fine."said Nick

"Um, no. You have a boyfriend?"asked Joe

"Maybe, why is there a problem?" I asked very confused.

"Uh ye-"Nick ducted tape his mouth before he could say anything else. 

I tried not to laugh. 


"Um ignore him. He's just hitting on you."said Nick

"Oh-Kay..."I said trying not laugh.

"You guys are weird, in a good way. Hahah. I like it."I smiled 

Nick just laughed.

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