Secrets (We all have them...)

Main Characters:
Diana Nicole Metz
Nick Jonas
Andrew West
Selena Gomez
This story is about a young girl named Diana who has gone through so much that she feels as if she's not worth it anymore. After recovery of depression, she meets a guy who changes her life completely. Both emotionally and physically, I guess you can say...


3. "To Sneaky For You"

*Doorbell Rings*

"Diana open the door!"yelled Selena when literally she was sitting next to me on the couch.

"Why couldn't you open it?"I asked in a sassy tone.

"Because I'm doing my nails, duh!"she said

"Oh-kay... That's such a good reason"I looked at her and rolled my eyes

I look thru the window to see who it is.  

"Umm maybe you should come and look. I have no idea who this is."I lied

Who wouldn't know Nick Jonas he's an amazing talented singer. I just wanted to see how she reacted, since it was all part of a plan.

"Ugh okay..."she mumbled

*Few Seconds later*

Selena's POV

"Crap! It's Ni-nobody...Just ignore it..."I said. I stopped myself before I say anything else.

"Why!? When he came all the way over here obviously looking for someone." says Diana

"Ignore it!" I yelled

"Sorry... just ignore it. I'm going upstairs. Don't you dare open the door Diana." I pleaded

"Okay fine!"she mumbled

Diana's POV

That was awfully odd! Jk! I already knew why she was acting like that. I was listening to Selena's footsteps' reach her room that way I can open the door.

I headed to door as fast as I could running outside forgetting to close the door.

"Wait!"I hollered nervously.

Nick turned around and gave me a confused look, but still walked toward me.

"Hey, is Selena here?"he asked. At that moment I had froze, because he was so damn cute. Than thought what do I say? Yes or no?

"Um, never mind. I just got a message from her."he said

"Okay..." I was relieved when I heard that because I was about to lie to him.

"I have question for you?"he asked

"Okay fire away."I say

"Who are you?" he asked

"I'm Selena's sis-ter..."I mumbled

"Wait your her sister? I thought she was an only child."he said giving me a confused look.

"If you want me to explain, it will take me ages."I exaggerated

He laughs.

"Okay are you busy?" he asked

"Nope... Why?"I asked giving him the look.

"You seem cute, I mean nice. I would like get to know you."he blushed knowing he just blurted out I was cute

"Do you wanna go out for coffee?"he asked

"I would love to, but I can't. I'm not allowed to go anywhere. Lets say I didn't "obey"...some rules..."I snickered

"It's fine well make arrangements for another day. Here let me give you my number."he smiled nervously

"Okay yeah, I will give you mine too."I smiled

I took out my iPhone and handed to Nick, to type his number in.

"Here."he smiled

"Thanks!"I smiled

"Oh by the way, you can't tell Selena I met you."I pleaded

"Why?"he asked

"I will tell you when we have a coffee together. Just promise me, and I mean promise me you won't tell her anything. Please!"I pleaded

"I won't, I promise!"he said

"Thank you! It's our little secret."I smiled and gave him a hug. Instead of him letting go he hugged me tighter.

When we finally let go, I look at him and smiled. Right when I was about to walk away, he grabbed my arm.

"Wait, I didn't catch your name..."he winked

I laugh "That's because I never gave it to you."

"Right."he says as his cheeks turn right red. I was positive mine were as his.

"Diana or Nicole. Your choice."I winked

I than walked away like nothing happened...

When I walked inside the house, I see Selena standing there as if I came home late at night with her arms crossed.

"What?" I asked

"What we're you doing outside?"she asked

"What can't a person go outside and take fresh air."I said

"But at this time?"she asked

"Yeah. So what's your problem?"I asked

"I said you couldn't open the door."she claimed

"Yeah, I know, only because that person was there."I explained

"When I went outside, I didn't see anyone. Calm down, your overreacting. Which makes me wonder why??" I added as I circled her with my arms crossed.

"You know what just forget everything that just happen...."she said

"Gladly."I said as I walked away. I knew she didn't want me to meet Nick, too bad I kinda already did.

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