Secrets (We all have them...)

Main Characters:
Diana Nicole Metz
Nick Jonas
Andrew West
Selena Gomez
This story is about a young girl named Diana who has gone through so much that she feels as if she's not worth it anymore. After recovery of depression, she meets a guy who changes her life completely. Both emotionally and physically, I guess you can say...


1. "Suicide"

Demi Lovato was definitely my role model. She has gone thru so much and  stayed strong. Meanwhile, I wasn't doing very well emotionally nor mentally. I was dealing with depression, but somehow my mother and Selena don't seem to notice since I hide it very well. Pretty sure I could start an acting career, but I doubt that's gonna happen.     Lately, I've been over thinking, its become an unhealthy habit. At first I would be sad every once and awhile, but that was only the beginning. Ever since than I than started crying everyday, which lead to self harm to take the pain away. Then there came a day where I tried to commit suicide. Everyone thinks they know the real me, when really they no NOTHING. People judge me for what they hear or see, when really they don't know my situation.    Everything that revolves around me puts me down, especially the fact that after birth I was abandoned by my own parents. For years, I've been on a hunt for my real parents, but we can see how that turned out.    Girls at school would bully me, bur I'm just glad school's out. My so called "boyfriend" is always out partying, flirting with other girls. I don't even exist to him. Sometimes I wonder why I even said "yes" to him in the first place. Than remember it was for my sister Selena. I'm jealous of my own sister, we aren't blood related or anything, her mom or my mom decided to adopt me when I was younger. Yeah, I wouldn't believe that I was sisters with Selena Gomez, she flawless and I ain't. As the years past, both her and her mom changed. Her mom, my mom, began to ignore me. I don't blame her, she suppose to pay attention to her real daughter.    Just thinking about my life and how everything has gone down hill for me just depresses me. I was at home alone sitting there in my room staring at the wall thinking what I should do with myself. Than came the idea "suicide"...  Once again... Though this time I was determined to finish the job. I grabbed my laptop from my desk and logged on to Facebook, clicking on Photo/ Video. I clicked on "Take Video". I had to leave a message...   I pressed record: "We'll this is it for me. I hope you're all happy after this. To those girls that bullied me at school, you won. I'm sorry I was never "perfect" to you all. My "boyfriend" I hope you find someone else  way" better than me. Which reminds me, I'm not even sure if were really in a relationship. To my mom and dad I've never met...I tried everything, I guess you both didn't want me for a reason. It's heartbreaking to know you're not wanted by your own parents. To my foster mom and sister, I hope your lives are better without me. I won't be in the way of both of you anymore. I guess I'm done here. You all won!"I said as I pressed "post" and shut my laptop. I was being serious when it came to suicide. I started crying making it blurry for me to see.    I headed to the bathroom and look thru the cabinets for pills my mom or sister left. My phone started ringing. Did I give a crap? Nope, not really. I honestly didn't think that would happen. I grabbed my phone and flushed it down the toilet.     I finally had found pills, and raced toward my room. I locked the door and laid there on my bed trying to suffocate myself with my pillow. That definitely work, so plan b came along. Pills.   Chelsea's POV      As I was munching on a granola bar while on Facebook I see that my best friend had posted a video. I press play, I saw her in tears. It shattered my heart. Once the video had finished I dropped everything I raced downstairs  screaming. I grabbed my cell phone speed dialing Diana. She wouldn't answer, I guess she turned off her phone.      Tears kept coming down like a river, I called Andrew since he was Diana's boyfriend, well at least I think he is.  "Hello?"he answered "Hey, it's Chelsea! You need to head to Diana's house right away. I'm asking you because you're closer to her. She's gonna kill herself!"I screamed "What the f***!?! I'm on my way!"he yelled in the phone.   Andrew's POV      As soon as she hanged up, I ran toward my car and drove off. I speed dialed Selena to warn her about what's going on. "Hey Andrew what's up?"she answered "Diana is gonna kill herself. You need to get home quick I'm already heading over there."I said panicking  "What!? Oh my god!"she screamed "Mom, called the ambulance, Diana is gonna kill herself! Fast! Let's go!"screamed Selena in the background. "Okay we're on our way!"she hyperventilated.  "Hurry! Save my sister!"she screamed   "I will!"     I started driving 80 mph on a 30 mph road. I didn't care if the police was gonna be after me.   Once the cops started chasing me I didn't bother to stop. When I arrived I stopped the car and jumped out of the car. I ran toward the door it was locked. I started banging but there was no way she would open it. The cops soon arrived. I went thru the backyard. I saw Diana's balcony. I had the idea of climbing up. I tried everything I could. As I reached the top, I noticed her window doors were closed. I grabbed the chair and shattered the window doors. I ran inside there I saw Diana falling back. "Diana!"I screamed. I run toward her, catching her before she could hit the ground. "Diana wake up!" I looked around me, and noticed she swallowed a bottle of pain relievers. "Diana wake up!"I screamed as tears started coming down. "Andrew..."she whispered "Diana!" "Stay awake! Don't worry help is on the way!"he said    I heard footsteps coming up the stairs, following with the cries and screams of her mom.     "The ambulance is here....."
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