Secrets (We all have them...)

Main Characters:
Diana Nicole Metz
Nick Jonas
Andrew West
Selena Gomez
This story is about a young girl named Diana who has gone through so much that she feels as if she's not worth it anymore. After recovery of depression, she meets a guy who changes her life completely. Both emotionally and physically, I guess you can say...


5. Spill The Beans

It's nine in the morning, I was wiped out from yesterday. As I look at my surroundings, I see that I'm in someone's room. I look to my right, than look to me left. I was alone. I realized I was in the guest room. Good thing! The only question is "How did I get up here?" The last thing I remembered was watching a movie with Nick and Joe. Than falling asleep on Nick's chest as he hugged me. Wait? What?!?! I fell asleep on Nick's chest?!? I'm so embarrassed now. I check my phone and realize I should be heading home. I get up and put my shoes on. When I walk out of the room, I hear Selena's voice. I started panicking. Since the apartment was two stories. I peaked and listened from upstairs.  

I saw Nick and Selena talking, which made me worried. It didn't seem like there relationship was doing so hot. They been on and off. I'm pretty sure they gonna end up more off than on. How would I know this? Well, I do my research. I didn't know what to do, so I messaged Nick, "What do I do?" I was hoping Selena wouldn't see it. Fingers crossed. 


"Who is it?"asked Selena

"It's Kevin, he wants me to help him on something."he lied

I felt horrible that Nick had to lie to Selena.

"Oh well, I'm going than. I'll see you later?"she asked

"Yeah at seven."said Nick

Selena finally left, I walked downstairs ashamed. I walk toward Nick:

"Um, Nick?"I said

"Yeah?"he said

"If you want we can tell Selena everything."I said

"No it's fine. It's our secret."he said

"But, it's that I feel horrible that your lying to her for me."I said

"Don't worry about it, I know she's hiding something from me." He said

"Do you wanna talk about it?"I asked

"Yeah, I trust you."he smiled

"Thanks...So what's exactly is wrong?"I asked

"I'm not sure if you been thru this, but I'm not happy with our relationship and I have no idea where it's going."he explained

"I know exactly how you feel. Kinda."I mumbled

"I'm going to tell you something..."I hesitated

"What is it?"

"I don't know if I should tell you. I feel like a bad person at the same time."I said as I felt guilt in my gut.

"Just tell me."he pleaded

"Selena was paying my boyfriend or well my ex-boyfriend just to date me."I said

"What why?"he asked

"I guess to keep occupied. I was dealing with depression before that the next you know I ended up in the hospital."I said as I felt a small tear stay.

"I'm sorry..."he sighed

"Um anyways he talked to me and told me the real reason. I was glad though, because I didn't have feelings for him either. He told me what Selena was doing. Turn out he didn't want to in the first place but he had to help his family." I explained

"I don't know what to tell you... I'm a bit disappointed... With Selena."he mumbled

"I have to admit, I don't feel weird telling you all this even though we met like three days ago. I feel like we were already best friends."I said

"I'm glad because I feel the same way."he smiled

"So you don't have a boyfriend?"he asked

"Not really, and that's the part I forgot to tell you. We are making them think we are still dating, that way he still gets paid since he really needs it. While I'm searching for answers."I explained

"Oh, okay I get it, but that's means you're single to the rest of the world?"he asked

"Pretty much."I said

"Anyways, did Selena tell you any chance why she is back so early?"I asked

"Yeah, her mom, well your mom is sick."he said

"Oh, we'll, I need to head home. I hope I don't get in trouble."I said

"Need a ride?"he asked

"Yes please. But your gonna have to leave me a few streets away. That way no one sees us."I said


During the car drive, Nick would act so differently. As if we knew each other very well. I felt in my heart that we will become good friends. More like best friends. He was a kind of person you could talk to for days and never get bored of them.  

When we were a few streets away from my house I said my goodbyes to Nick: 

"We'll thanks for everything Nick. I had fun! Your a good friend, even though we met like a few days ago."I smiled

"Since we're being honest, I had fun, even though things didn't go as planned."he said

"Haha that's true."I said

"I would have to admit, I like talking to you. It's feels like we've known each other for years."he said

"Friends?"I smiled

"Friends."he smiled

"Text you later."he added

"Alright. I'll be waiting."I smiled trying not to make it awkward, even though I might have already. I watched him drive off, than look how far I was from home. I didn't mind, it gave me time to think of an excuse. 

When I arrived at the doorsteps of my house, I was scared. I was hoping they wouldn't ask me anything.

"Who is that?"asked my mom

"Uh. It's me. Diana."I said hoping she wouldn't ask me anything else.

"Oh, hey sweetie, where have you been?"she asked

"Oh I went for a walk. I felt like I needed one to refresh my mind from everything."I explained

"Alrighty than."she said

"Are you okay? I thought you guys were coming back in three days."I said

"Let's say I threw up. It didn't stop. So we had to come back."she said

"Ewww! Good thing I haven't eaten anything. So did you find out what it was?"I asked

"The doctor is gonna call me in a few."she said

"Oh okay."I said

"We'll I'm gonna be upstairs. If you need anything call me."I said

"Okay sweetie."she said

I raced upstairs to charge my phone since it was completely dead.  

It took awhile for my phone to turn on since it was completely dead. When it turned on, it went crazy. Messages after messages and calls after calls. Few we're from Selena, and the others were from Andrew. I really didn't care, all I wanted to do was fall asleep.

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