Secrets (We all have them...)

Main Characters:
Diana Nicole Metz
Nick Jonas
Andrew West
Selena Gomez
This story is about a young girl named Diana who has gone through so much that she feels as if she's not worth it anymore. After recovery of depression, she meets a guy who changes her life completely. Both emotionally and physically, I guess you can say...


2. "Hospital"

Few hours later...   Andrew's POV     Waiting in the waiting room was a horrible feeling. The doctor came out with a worried face so we all looked at each other hoping it was nothing serious. "Who's Diana's mother?"the doctor asked as checking his clipboard "It's me, doctor. How is she?"she asked desperately waiting for answers. "She is still a bit unconscious. The medication she overdose herself is out of her system. She is slowly gonna wake up. She's gonna be very sleepy. You can visit her once the nurse comes out."the doctor said. "Okay. Thank you!"said Selena    I walked toward a wall and stared at it. Then found myself a few seconds later banging my head on the wall. "Uh, Andrew are you coming along?"Selena's mom asked "Uh, yeah."    When we walked in, we saw Diana laid on the hospital with a pale face. Soon her mom broke into tears, it was the saddest thing I've ever seen.   Diana's POV     As I try to wake up, I could see blurry images. I soon felt pain noticing I was connect to an IV. I looked around and realized I was laying in a hospital bed, in a hospital room, in a hospital. I began to panic in the inside. "Andrew?" I whispered "Hey, what's up?."he said "I'm sorry.."I mumbled. A dry tear came down my face.  "You have nothing to be sorry of."he said.     After I heard those words, I was awfully confused. I'm positive he doesn't have feelings for him, and I'm positive I don't have feelings for him, but there is just something that's is keeping us close. "How are you?"asked Selena "I guess I'm a little better."I hesitated  "You scared us...."She paused "Uh you know what lets talk about this later. Just remembered something."she said following with a fake smile. I knew the doctor had told her to be easy on me.    "Hey sweetie!"she smiled as she gave a kiss on the forehead.  "Hey!"I smiled "Why do I feel so sleepy?"I asked "The doctor said you were gonna feel like that for awhile."she said. "Oh" "When can I go home?"I asked "If everything goes well,  tomorrow."she smiled "Oh okay." The room went complete science... "So, sweetie, I'm pretty sure you don't want to talk about it right now. But I want you to know that I love you."she said in tears. "Don't you ever try that again."she added knowing she was going to regret bringing that up. "I won't. I promise."I said as a tear came down my face...   *Home*   "Hey can I talk to you?"asked Andrew "Sure." "Um well there is something I've been wanting to tell you..."he added "What?"I asked giving him a worried a look "I love you, but as a friend. I know you will make a great girlfriend to another guy..."he said "Are you breaking up with me?"I asked "Yes, but I'm not finished." "What do you mean?"I asked  "You know how your sister made us go on a date. Well she was paying me to date you because she didn't want you to find out something. I didn't want to do it, because I didn't want you to get hurt. I really needed the money for my family though."he explained "No its fine, I would have done the same. Plus, I only wanted to be friends too. I just wanna her secret. What's her secret?"I asked shocked "I can't say, I promised not to tell."he hesitated  "Okay, fine. I have to admit I like that you keep your word. I'm glad you told me about this. I rather have you happy than being stuck with me. I have a plan that will help both of us."I said as I made an evil smile. "Okay, what do you have in mind?" "Lets make them think you and I are still dating. That way you still get paid, and I'm find out what her secret is."I explained "I don't know."he said "Please, do this. I need your help."I asked desperately. "Fine. I'm just surprised you aren't one of those girl that runs off screaming."he laughed "Haha nope. I'm a calm person. I don't tell."I laughed "Alrighty haha. Anyways I will see you, I don't know when. If you need anything just call me."he offered "Okay, and thank you." I smiled "You're welcome."
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