Never Forgetting You

Talia, Tallie to everyone but her best friend Harry Styles who calls her Tal, now has to move to America. She doesn`t want to go, but she does at the same time. She goes, for two years. When her dad gets transferred back to Holmes Chapel, she`s over the moon. All Tallie can think about is going to see her best friend again, she had talked to Harry, over text, and even watched him become THE Harry Styles, the flirt of One Direction. Harry only thought of Tallie, everyday. Now, Tallie didn`t tell Harry she was moving back, she wanted to keep it a surprise. What will Harry do? Will they fall for eachother? Or will they just be Best Friends?


3. Talking to Zayn

I can`t fucking believe it! Zayn Javvad Malik! NO NO NO! Not him! Fuck fuck fuck. Shit shit shit! I can`t stand him anymore! I hate hate HATE him! He said he loved me, then slept with another girl. Finally getting home, I almost slammed the door, a knock coming after, I looked through the peep hole thingy. Seeing Zayn, I reluctantly opened the door, looking down at my shoes. 
"Tallie. I can`t believe it, you know Harry, and me, and well. I have to say this, I`m sorry. I still think about what I did, I still know you, I still have everything, come back to me. I love you. "He said, lifting my chin with his finger. I took my face away from him. 
"My heart, has and always will belong to Harry."I stated, moving back inside, shutting the door, but Zayn moved his foot in the door. 
"Tallie, listen to me, please!"He pleaded, I sighed, giving in and opening the door seeing his brown eyes stare into my blue ones. "I actually don`t still love you like a girlfriend, I still love you like a friend, I have a girlfriend, you`ll like her. Come back to the house, Harry`s really really wanting to see you, ok? Please come! PLEEEEEEEEEEEASE!"He pleaded, I laughed, shutting the door behind me, and running ahead of him, cheating. "CHEATER! AS ALWAYS!"He yelled, running after me. I laughed, as I won, for once, he caught up, out of breath, I wasn`t even tired, then again I`m number one in my track group in New York. I went in wothout knocking.
"HONEY IM HOME!"I said, now energetic, Harry came out and was laughing as Zayn was still out of breath, and I was standing there like I was walking the whole way. "He can`t run like I can!"I teased, spinning around a bit, giggling. I`ve never been this much of a girl before. Alway`s have been a tomboy. I looked at Harry, he was looking at me with dilated pupils. He still loves me, after all this time, all these years. 
"Hazza!"Liam called, Harry came out of his daydream and looked at Liam. "You were zoned off again, thinking about her?"He asked, who is her?
"She is in the room, Li"Harry stated,coming next to me, as i blushed, hiding my face in harry`s arm. 
"Aw, how cute!  Life long friend is girlfriend!"Louis teased, I kept my face in his arm. 
"Shut up, guys, I would like to be able to do something other than blush"I muttered. 

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