Never Forgetting You

Talia, Tallie to everyone but her best friend Harry Styles who calls her Tal, now has to move to America. She doesn`t want to go, but she does at the same time. She goes, for two years. When her dad gets transferred back to Holmes Chapel, she`s over the moon. All Tallie can think about is going to see her best friend again, she had talked to Harry, over text, and even watched him become THE Harry Styles, the flirt of One Direction. Harry only thought of Tallie, everyday. Now, Tallie didn`t tell Harry she was moving back, she wanted to keep it a surprise. What will Harry do? Will they fall for eachother? Or will they just be Best Friends?


4. Cookie

"MY COOKIE!"I yelled, as Niall took the cookie out of my hand and ate them. "Ass hole"I muttered, grabbing another cookie, taking a bite out of it. 
"Oi! Zayn! My food!"Niall hined as Zayn took his cookie, passing it to Louis, who passed it to Liam, who passed it to Harry, who passed it to me. I ate it. He ate my cookie! "You better run girl."
"Nah, your cookie was a sacrifice for my cookie being eaten!" I laughed, realizing what I had said. "The fuck did I just say?"I asked, still laughing. 
" Harry control the woman"Louis demanded, I rolled my eyes, while Harry just set me in his lap, offering me a cookie to stop laughing. I took the cookie, basically agreeing to shut up. 
"Shit, my dad is at home unpacking by himself. I think I gotta go and help him."I stated, standing up, Harry along with me. "Harold"
"What the fuck? Stay here."I said, laughing at him. I started walking to the door, Harry`s heavy foot-steps following me. "Harry."
"Tallie"He mocked me.
"Are you following me?"
"I haven`t seen you in ages, of course I am!"He said, picking me up by my waist. 
"Shit! Put me dooooown!"I whined, laughing at him, as he walked out of the house, setting me down. I ran for it, as Harry called my name, running after me. He sounded concerned. I got to my house and stopped running, eventually.Harry caught up with me, out of breath. "I run fast"I said, very little out of breath.
"I noticed."He breathed, leaning over, hands on his knees, as I laughed, entering the house.
"DAD?!"I yelled, walking around, finding him asleep in his unpacked room, Boxes still in my room needing to be unpacked, Dad works very fast. I went and started unpacking my stuff, finding a picture of me and my friends from New York I smiled, setting it down on the furniture dad and I placed. Harry came behind me, as I turned around, scaring the daylights out of me. "Shit, don`t fucking do that"
"Stop cussing! I don`t like it"
"Deal with it, I lived in New York, you know what we did for fun? Cursed random people out."I laughed, grabbing another picture, of me and Harry about a month before I had left. "So young. I look rachet, as always"
"Ugly, Harold. Learn the lingo dammit"I laughed setting that beside my bed, on the table that had my lamp and alarm clock on it.
"Tal, I love you."He said, turning me around, hand around my waist. I squinted my eyes at the curly haired boy. 
"I love you too, what do you want? You only say that when you want something"
"A kiss!"He said, making a pucker face, I laughed, pecking his lips, and then going back to unpacking.

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