Never Forgetting You

Talia, Tallie to everyone but her best friend Harry Styles who calls her Tal, now has to move to America. She doesn`t want to go, but she does at the same time. She goes, for two years. When her dad gets transferred back to Holmes Chapel, she`s over the moon. All Tallie can think about is going to see her best friend again, she had talked to Harry, over text, and even watched him become THE Harry Styles, the flirt of One Direction. Harry only thought of Tallie, everyday. Now, Tallie didn`t tell Harry she was moving back, she wanted to keep it a surprise. What will Harry do? Will they fall for eachother? Or will they just be Best Friends?


2. Back To England...

"Dad! Where`s my- why is everything packed up?" I asked, looking at the packed boexes
"We are moving back to Cheshire." He simply said. 
"What the hell dad! You know what? Fine.... I`ll be back down in like an hour..." I muttered, heading back to my room, then coming back to grab my phone, which is why I had come downstairs in the first place. Moving back to Cheshire... my home town.  I sighed and packed up my stuff, yet again.
An hour later, I come back downstairs and look around the now empty living room, its been a few years. Still have my British accent though. Oddly enough.
"Ready, Sweetie?" Dad asked, I nodded and wiped away my tears. I didn`t even want to come here and I don`t want to leave now. My friends. I told them bye. With tears in my eyes. I didn`t want to say bye, but I knew I had to. Quickly we packed everything up and made our way to the airport. Back home... Back to Cheshire. New York will always be my second home though. ALWAYS! I`m gonna miss, Kali, Jay, and Herminie.
Hours later we are back at our old house and I still know it by heart! Oddly..
"You think Anne, Gemma, and Harry still live down the street?" I asked out of the blue.
"Yeah, maybe, why don`t you go and find out?" Dad suggested. I smiled and nodded, not worrying about if I should unpack right now or not. Walking down the street, I got hit on for how hit I have gotten by the guys I grew up with. I finally got to Harry`s house and knocked on the door. Seconds Louis Tomlinson came out the door.
"Yes?" He asked.
"Is Harry here?"
"Depends, who`s wanting to know."
"His best friend, since we were 2. Tell him it`s Tal." I said, sassily.
"Louis? Who`s at the do- TAL!"Harry shouted, pushing Louis away and hugging me. I hugged him back, poking my tongue out at Lou. "Louis this is Tallie, my best friend, who moved to New York. "Harry explained, pulling us both inside. I looked around and saw the 3 others. One looked firmilar. Fuck, Zayn... My breath quickened. 
"Z-Zayn." I stuttered, yes I know him from One Direction but before we fully moved to New York Zayn and I dated for about 2 months, he broke my heart by sleeping with another girl. 
"Fuck, Tallie?" He said, stepping closer, I stepped back into Harry, went around him and made a dash for home. Fucking hell.... shit shit shit shit shit shit fucking shit!

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