So yea.

The story of a sophomore boy entering a public highschool named Nick who finds his way through social anxiety, relationships, and depression.


2. Chapter II

    So after I got reasonably close to this kid, he kind of introduced me to this really cute girl who also swam. I had seen her around at swimming, because she was like a swim level up from me or something, so we didn't really talk much. But Sam kind of introduced me to her (him being able to talk to any girl in existence and basically melting her heart right then and there) and I guess we became friends. We weren't close, but we made jokes and stuff.

    That summer, Sam and I went to my grandparents house. It was fun, but its when I started getting bad.

    That week, I started e-mailing this girl, Kate, that Sam had introduced me to. I don't really know why, because I was pretty sure that Sam had a crush on her, and usually I stay the hell away from that stuff, because it causes loads of drama. For some reason, though, I started talking to her, and I just fell head over heels pretty much immediately. Kate was the easiest person to talk to in the universe. I was basically telling her all my secrets by the end of the week. It was absolutely insane.

    Now here's where things got messy. Sam liked this girl, so I felt an obligation to stay away romantically. But the thing was, I was falling in love with Kate, and so it sucked. So I turned my attention to this crazy, monster of a girl who I knew had liked me for a bit. Her name was Alexis, I called her Lexi. She was crazy. I mean, like I cannot express that enough. Crazy. But I was desperate, and I think there was also an element that I wanted to show Sam that I could be as much of a player as he was.

    So I started “dating” Lexi that week. It was stupid, and I knew it. I wasn't even allowed to date, so I had to keep it from my parents. It was so dumb, and I kept on thinking that. And I didn't even really date Lexi, I just told her I loved her, and we made some stupid pact over the phone that we were boyfriend and girlfriend. I never kissed her once.

    While I was phone-dating Lexi, I was still talking to Kate. She started dating Sam. It broke my heart into a million pieces. I loved Sam, but God, if he didn't treat girls like crap. Surprisingly though, it didn't really affect she and I's relationship. We still talked, and even grew closer. She told me about her relationship problems and stuff.

    So this went on for about another couple months. I “dated” Lexi and my two best friends dated each other. Then something happened with Lexi talking behind my back about me, and I was too young to know how to handle it, so I stopped talking to her.

    I kind of was in a bad place then. I had two really good friends, and they both were in a really crappy relationship, and the worst part was that it was with each other. I had just lost my girlfriend (if you can call her that) and I was just kind of sad. I told Kate that, though, and she understood. I was really surprised.

    As Kate and I got really close, our conversations got a little dirty. Not sexual, but cursing and shit. That previous sentence was a pretty good example of irony, if I might say so myself.

    If there's one thing, well two two things, my mom hates, it's being lied to and cursing. I did both. Explicitly, I did both. And I got so comfortable around Kate, I was throwing bad words around for no reason, really.

    And then, some older swimmer heard me making a dirty joke in the locker room to Sam, and he told my mom. He told my MOTHER. I was like, I'm sorry, I didn't know you were five years old. But anyways, I got in basically the biggest trouble I'd ever gotten in my life.

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