The Styles Brothers

Jennifer Thomas was a regular 19 year old in las angelas, until she meets Harry styles and his twin brother Larry styles. When jennifer falls madly in love with harry, will larry ruin the whole thing? Or will he prevent their love from happening ?



6. Stay Away From This, Edward


So i got a date with jennifer, the girl we met in McDonalds. She was beautiful, and cool. I really liked her, and i already know genesis. She was a friend of Anna, my ex, who broke up with me after a misunderstanding.

She was scared of me because she thought i was killing a guy in the alley, but no, i didnt. She mistaked Edward with me. Edward had problems with a guy who owed him a car, and when the man didn't pay him, and instead sold the car, Edwards anger issues came out. I always have a bad reputation around here because of Edward. So many people think im him and Edward is always in trouble. Beating someone up, going to jail, and breaking laws. But thats not me.

"So bro, you like that Jennifer chick?" Edward asked me. "Hm? Oh jennifer?Yeah she's pretty cute" I said lying. When i layed eyes on her, it was love at first sight. "She is cute" Edward said smirking.

"Dont even try anything to ruin us" I said gettign mad. "No promises" Ed said walking out. "Grrr" I mumbled. Ed was always getting in my relationships and end up making us break up.

I went up the stairs to my room and flopped on the bed. I put my hands on my head and closed my eyes. I couldnt stop thinking about jennifer. Her long brown hair, her yellow,brown eyes, her smaller hands with red fingernails, her style, and her sweet deep,deep dimples. That was something we had in common, but hers where deeper than mines.

I heard a knock on my door and got up to open it. Edward. "What do you want?" I asked him. "You left your phone in my room from yesterday. I had it since we were in Mc Donalds and forgott to give it back" Ed said handing me my phone. "Thanks....." I said looking at it. I went back into my room and sat on my bed, on twitter.


Hey everybody!!! Thank you for reading and the story's not over yet, nor soon will it be. So, if you guys didnt know, Ed had harry's phone in Mc Donalds and never gave it back to harry. So if you remeber, "Harry" was sending Jennifer messages that scared her, so those messages was Ed!! Keep reading to find out what's ed next move!! :)

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