The Styles Brothers

Jennifer Thomas was a regular 19 year old in las angelas, until she meets Harry styles and his twin brother Larry styles. When jennifer falls madly in love with harry, will larry ruin the whole thing? Or will he prevent their love from happening ?



2. McDonalds!

Jennifers POV

I finally reached McDonalds where i met up with Genesis. "Hey! You made it!" She said reaching for a hug. I accepted her hug and held her tight. "Yeah, when you texted me, i was in the tub hahaha" I said pushing the front door. I felt a wave of embarrasment as i read the sign that said "Pull". I felt my cheeks get hot as i entered the crowded fast food restaurant. Genesis leaned  in and said, "I saw that". I hit her on her arm as we found a table. We sat infront of these two guys with the same curly hair. I couldnt see their faces, only the back of their heads until one of them sat on the other side of the table.

I tapped Geni(Genesis) to look at the boys infront of us. They were georgeus. He had deep green eyes, curly brown hair, and deep dimples. "What?" She asked. "Look at those boys ahead of us" I said secretly pointing at them. "Holy sweet potatoes their hot" She said bending her body to the side and biting her bottom lip. "Imma go order" I said getting up. My stomach formed a knot as the guys looked at me.

I slowly walked past them quietly. I got on line and waited there for like 5 minutes and couldnt help but notice that once in a while, one of them would turn their heads to look at me. I finally got to the cashier. "Hello may i help you?" The cashier said. "Yeah can i get two caramel frappes, two large fries and one salad?" I said politely. "Certainly. That will be 20 dollars andn15 cents". I payed the cashier and took a corner to wait. I couldnt get them out of my mind. Why were they so intriquing?

I stood there 5 minutes until i heard my order be called. I took my tray and went to my table."Jennifer they havent stopped looking at you since you went online" She told me grabbing her stuff off the tray. "I know i saw" I said biting a fry. I removed my salad from my tray and opened it.

"Jennifer i dont know how you can eat salad? Really? Ur supposed to be eating fries like a fat ass like me! " She mocked. I laughed and so did she.Our laughter stopped as One of the twins approach our table.



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