The Styles Brothers

Jennifer Thomas was a regular 19 year old in las angelas, until she meets Harry styles and his twin brother Larry styles. When jennifer falls madly in love with harry, will larry ruin the whole thing? Or will he prevent their love from happening ?



3. Harry And Edward

We sat quietly as they stood above us. "Excuse us loves, but may we join you?" One of them said. Genesis attempted to speak, but no words came out. She was the shy type. You see her on the street and think shes outgoing and wild. But when you go up to her, shes a turtle in her shell and never comes out.

"Sure" i said breaking the tension. They both sat infront of us. "Whats your name love?" He asked me. "Im jennifer" i looked at genesis who was akwardly eating french fries. "And this is genesis" I said pointing to her. "Im Harry. This is Edward, my twin brother" Harry said. "I see. And dont you guys have anything diffrent?" I asked. They were like two pieces of cheerios. They look exactly the same. "My brother has a tatoo of a dragon on his left arm. I dont" Harry said. "Oh. so thats how i can tell you two apart" I said. They both nodded.

"Ehrm..Jennifer?" Harry asked. "Hm" i mumbled. "Can we go out sometime?" he asked me unsurely. "Yeah, sure. Can i get your number?" I asked. Harry smiled and took out his phone from his pocket and handed it to me. I did the same. I texted in my number, my adress and sent a text to myself. Harry did too. When i got back my phone I smiled as harry took a picture himself. When i turned back to harry, a flash shocked my eyes. "Woah what just happened" I asked blinking repidetly. "I just took a picture of you. and it came out cute" Harry said. He passed me the phone and i looked at the picture. My hair was in mid air, my eyes where kinda closed but looked flirty, and my looking to the side.

"You gotta send me that picture. imma put it as my profile pic" I said smiling. Genesis finally spoke,"Well, we should be going off now. My place Jenn?". "Yeah. Well, see you tommorow night?" I said to harry. "Yeah. see you tommorow night" Harry said. He got up and gave me a hug and we left.

"Oh my fucing god you lucky bitch!" Genesis said. I giggled and walked. "Harry Styles just asked you out! He's damn hot" Genesis screamed. "I know. I guess im just lucky" I said smiling. We were on our way to Genesis' house when i got a text. It was from harry. it said,

"Hey love, can't wait for tommorow night. I sent you the pic. Wear something cute. ~Harry

I locked my screen. Harry seemed like a nice guy. But i dont get why he said wear something cute. Maybe hes just being funny. Or is he?

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